Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantasy Football League Playoffs-Round 1

Well the regular season is over with.  During that span I picked 48 of the 78 games correctly.  I actually had some bad math along the way, so for those following along I apologize for that, seems I didn't add up the losses correctly.  So with a 4-2 mark last week I went 48-28-2 for the season.  But there is still 5 meaningful games remaining, giving me a pretty good shot at the 50 correct picks I was shooting for at the start of this thing.

I'm not going to talk about the individual losses this week.  This is all about playoffs from this point forward.  But I would like to say that I think it was great how close it was and there can be a number of factors involved as to why, but the moving up of the trade deadline I think was the most glaring reason why.  Why?  Simply because some teams assess their teams as being out of it and trade away all their talent, which we still saw this year but not nearly to the degree we normally see.  This then almost forced a few teams who could have thought they didn't have a chance into a do or die position and it just made for better games as the season unfolded.

The Final Standings for the regular Season:

1.   Blood & Thunder      11-2
2.   Repeal Obama         10-3
3.   Mission: Repeat         9-4
4.   6Wide                    7-5-1
5.   Manning Vs. Food       7-6
6.   Thug Life                    7-6
7.   Clean Slate                7-6
8.   Cinderella Story         6-7
9.   F&*& Philly                 5-8
10. Iron Pigs                  4-8-1  
11. DreamKiller             2-9-2
12. 7 QB's Deep             1-12

The Playoffs are the first six teams listed with the first and second seeds receiving byes this week.  They'll both be in action next week facing the winners of the 3-6 and 4-5 match ups.

On to this weeks playoff match ups

3. Mission: Repeat Vs. 6. Thug Life


M:R rolls out Aaron Rodgers and Tim Tebow
Thug does the same with Big Ben and Matt Hasselback

Projected Points:  M:R 37  Thug 24


M:R- Antonio Brown, Crabtree and Decker
Thug- Lloyd, Maclin and Boldin

Projected Points: M:R 20  Thug 30


M:R- Ray Rice and Hillis
Thug-LeSean McCoy and Turner

Projected Points: M:R 29  Thug 33


M:R uses Owen Daniels
Thug uses Vernon Davis

Projected Points: M:R 4  Thug 7


M:R uses Golden Tate
Thug uses Santonio Holmes

Projected Points M:R 4  Thug 8


M:R uses Willis McGahee
Thug uses Cedric Benson

Projected Points: M:R 11  Thug 10


M:R- Cundiff Vs. Indianapolis
Thug Gould  Vs.  Denver

Projected Points M:R 9  Thug 9


M:R uses Denver (go figure) Vs. Chi
Thug uses San Diego (Could be smart or could backfire) Vs Buf

Projected Points M:R 17  Thug 11

Add it all up and you get Mission: Repeat  131  Thug Life 132  Wow, can't believe that came out so close actually.

But this is a really close game.  I think the key match-ups to consider are how those defenses fair and if M:R's flyers at WR can produce, can't really like a Decker, Tate, Crabtree, Brown package but hey, sometimes it's those types of players that drive the stake in.  Believe me I know.  So, I'll go with the numbers and Pick Thug Life here.

Then due to Thug Life's 6th seeding he'd face off against Blood & Thunder next weekend.

Which means Repeal Obama would get the winner of the other matchup

4. 6 Wide Vs. 5. Manning Vs. Food


6W- Romo and Kolb
MVF- Manning and Brees

Projected Points: 6W 18  MVF 38


6W- Bowe ( On Revis Island), Marshall (vs. Nmandi) & Torrey Smith
MVF- Garcon, and the GB duo of James Jones & Greg Jennings

Projected Points:  6W 17 MVF 16


6W- Shonne Greene & Chris Johnson
MVF- Lynch & Helu

Projected Points: 6W 35 MVF 24


6W- Finley
MVF- Tony G.

Projected Points: 6W 8  MVF 8


6W- Malcolm Floyd
MVF- Scott Chandler

Projected Points: 6W- 4 MVF 4


6W- Michael Bush
MVF- Doug Baldwin*

I'm assuming that MVF will play Bradshaw over Baldwin or Switch up Baldwin and Chandler, but prediction here is how lineup currently is set.

Projected Points: 6W 18  MVF 3


6W Bryant Vs. Carolina
MVF Rackers Vs. Cinci

Projected Points 6W 7  MVF 11


6W Pittsburgh Vs. Cleveland
MVF Chicago Vs. Denver

Projected Points: 6W 14  MVF 9

After adding each teams score I get: 6 Wide with 121 and MVF with 113

Sounds about right actually, meshes up with my initial eye test as 6 Wide has some nice matchups with Torrey Smith going against the Colts and Chris Johnson Vs. the Saints, but Mike Bush is the X-Factor here, if GB gets up big early it could severely deflate his value as Oakland will pass when behind.  That said Mike Bush is a must start.

As far as MVF goes, you can't like Garcon, Baldwin, Chandler in your lineup, but heck the team scores megaloads of points even without his lethal early season RB duo.  If you can shut his QB's down you have a great chance.  While Lynch has been hot, and has a great matchup again this week, Helu is a victim of Shannahanigans and could get 20 points or 0 depending on how things role, yet still he has to be in the lineup.  As mentioned I'm assuming Bradshaw will be in there which should make the MNF game for Lynch meaningful.  but still, I think 6 Wide takes this one.

Leaving us with:

B & T vs. Thug Life

RO Vs. 6Wide

Probably the four teams that should be fighting for a Super Bowl Berth, but as with any other week in Fantasy anything can happen.

Enjoy the week and Good luck to those 4 teams listed above.

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