Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NFL Week 14 Game Predictions

I had a terrible week picking last week.  I went 9-7, just barely above .500, bringing my season record up to 126-66, and this poor week, coupled with the past 3 so-so weeks, is going to make it very difficult for me to reach the .750 season winning percentage.  But I shall continue on.

With 7 losses I'm not going to go over them, except I was very surprised with the Seattle, Miami, KC and Arizona wins, didn't see them coming from any direction.

Week 14

Thursday Night Football

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Browns have been terrible and the Steelers have been gaining steam.  With what they did to a pretty good Bengals defense last week I don't see any hope for the Browns in Pitt.  Pittsburgh 35 Cleveland 6

Sunday Games

New England Patriots @ Washington Redskins

The Skins have been playing tight ball games lately, losing in OT to Dallas and being in good position in the 4th quarter last week against the Jets.  And while the Patriot defense is anything but good, I can't see Washington winning against the Patriots.  NE 38  Washington 24

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets

The Chiefs have been the epitome of erratic this year.  They started off miserably, turned it around then nosedived again.  Then last weekend they manhandled a banged up bears team.  Well, defensively they did, as they still only managed 10 points though.  Pair this with the Jets living and dying on Sanchez's up and down games this has the makings of an anyone's guess type of game.  But I'll go with the Jets, as they are the better team on paper.  NYJ 14  KC 6

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals

This will be one of my upset picks.  I like Dalton and the rookie AJ Green and for the most part of the season their defense has been really good.  Houston will be running TJ Yates out their once more and looks as if Andre Johnson won't be a go after just getting back in there last week.  Houston will probably still pull this one out, but I'm going to take the Bengals at home.  Cincinnati 31  Houston 28

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

I'm not even going to consider the 24 point rally the Colts had at the end of the game last week.  This teams going 0-16.  Baltimore wins easily.  Baltimore 27  Indianapolis 13

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Could be a close game, but then again it could be a blowout out for either team.  Atlanta is the more polished team and despite being on the road I see Turner running well which should be enough to take down the Panthers.  Atlanta 30 Carolina 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Nobody will be watching this game.  Who knows who will be playing QB for Tampa and the Jaguar defense is pretty good.  I'm taking the home team.  Jacksonville 17 Tampa 14

Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins

The dream team have quit on their coach and the Dolphins defense has not for theirs.  Miami 21 Philadelphia 13

New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans

Drew Brees and company are firing on all cylinders right now.  Chris Johnson seems to have gotten things right.  So this could be a good game to watch, however I don't see the Titans pulling out the win, even at home.  NO 24 Tennessee 19

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

No A.P. again this week and Ponder is nicked up, Joe Webb might get the nod for the Vikings here.  Barring any more inane meltdowns by the Lions they should take this game quite easily.  Detroit 35 Minnesota 10

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

This defense even without Willis is the best in the league.  Harbaugh is coach of the year and Akers is all the offense the niners need.  Kolb will not be enough for Arizona.  SF 19 Arizona 9

Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos

Tebow Time vs Backup time.  Denver 20 Chicago 3

Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

The Raiders won't beat the Packers in GB.  Not going to happen.  There could be some points put up here but in the end the record will remain unblemished as the Packers keep rolling.  GB 38 Oakland 24

Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers

The Bills could win this game but they won't.  They've been decimated by injuries and aren't playing well.  The Chargers, while have a dead man walking for HC, they just don't lose very many games in December.  SD 42 Buffalo 24

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett could get fired if they don't take this division.  It's a division that is there for the taking.  The Giants are on a slide and the Cowboys are not playing up to potential.  That all said I see a ton of points and Big Blue leaving Big D with a win.  NYG 34  Dallas 31

Monday Night Football

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

How MNF gets stuck with these terrible games is beyond me, but they do.  Seattle at home against a bad Rams team that might be starting their 3rd string QB, whoever that is.  Seattle 30 STL 7

Have a great week of Football

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