Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fantasy Football League Super Bowl Prediction

Well, here we are, about an hour and a half away from the start of the Fantasy League Super Bowl.  I split games again last week, which rounds me out at 50-30-2 for the season, leaving only the championship game left to play.

In impressive fashion, Blood & Thunder and Repeal Obama devoured up their competition last weekend by scoring 168 and 166 points respectively, and will now face off for the league title, again, all beginning in under 2 hours time.

This year's championship is historic on a couple of notes.  First, this championship battle marks the first time Repeal Obama has climbed to the final two, after many years of being that guy that winds up losing to the eventual Super Bowl champion.  Then, we have Blood & Thunder, who is participating in his unprecedented fourth consecutive title game.  This record is, however, one that is mired in infamy.  Blood & Thunder clearly had the better team on paper in each of the last 3 title games, yet a string of unfortunate circumstances, poor play and the opponents good tidings in the manner of players stepping up who had not done so all season or the back up running back stepping into a starters role due to that teams starter going down the week before.  Blood & Thunder will try to validate his record, as he firmly believes, one championship will cement this four year stretch as a reign like no other we've ever been privy to before.  But to do that, he will need a win this weekend, against Repeal Obama, a team he beat in Week 9, in a game that by all intents and purpose determined the number one and two seeds in this years playoffs.

In that week 9 contest, a game that finished with Blood & Thunder scoring 127 points to Repeal Obamas 116 featured an odd cast of unlikely players coming through big-time.  John Beck and John Skelton led the way for B & T, in a game that also marked the first of a seven game stretch of quality games put forth by Miami RB Reggie Bush, a player that B & T only picked up from the waiver wire as a guy that could potentially provide some upside.  That game, perhaps or not, seemed to be a benchmark for Repeal Obama, in the fact that soon thereafter the RO GM decided to go trade happy, drastically altering the makeup of his roster, which, at this point seemed to have paid great dividends.  That game also took place where each team was not showcasing some of their top talent, due to byes and injuries.  Blood & Thunder had stars QB Matthew Stafford and RB Maurice Jones-Drew watching from the sidelines, while RO had superstars RB DMC and WR Calvin Johnson in street clothes.  Darren McFadden still has yet to practice, but is listed as questionable for this weeks game against KC.  If DMC does play, it will be a no-brainer for RO to start him, yet a decision that one has to wonder if any rust will be on the elite runner.

A brief look back at each teams production, beginning with their week 9 contest shows the following:

Blood & Thunder scored 127, 128, 103, 140, 169, 137, and 168 points in that span for a total of 972 points for, or a per game average of 138.9.

Repeal Obama scored 116, 110, 130, 115, 115, 130 and 166 points in that span for a total of 882 points for, or a per game average of 126.

Over that span B & T gave up 116, 117, 81, 94, 137, bye week and 116 points for a total of 661 points agains,which comes out to a weekly points against total of 110.17

Over that same span Repeal Obama gave up 127, 59, 121, 82, 68, Bye Week and 109 points for a total of 566 points, which comes out to a weekly points against total of 94.3.

Each team is currently riding winning streaks where B & T is looking for his 10th consecutive victory and Repeal Obama is looking for his 6th Consecutive win.

Tale of the Tape


B & T is going with Matthew Stafford and Josh Freeman
RO  is going with Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers

Projected Points:  B&T  25  RO 30


B&T is going with Stevie Johnson, Miles Austin and AJ Green
RO is going with Calvin Johnson, Roddy White and Mike Wallace

Projected Points:  B&T 30  RO 38


B&T is using MJD and Arian Foster
RO is using Kevin Smith and LaGarrette Blount

Projected Points B&T 32  RO 23


B&T stays with Jimmy Graham
RO stays with Brent Celek

Projected Points  B&T 9  RO 8


B&T is going with TE Aaron Hernandez and RB Reggie Bush
RO is going with WR's Santana Moss and Jordy Nelson

Projected Points B&T 22  RO 20


B&T stays with David Akers
RO stays with John Kasey

Projected Points B&T 10 RO 10


B&T- Cincinnati at home Vs. Arizona
RO-  San Francisco @ Seattle

Projected Points: B&T 8 RO 10


Should be a close game, high scoring as well, certainly capable of amassing the most points in a Super Bowl in league history.  Truly a game that can go either way, but with history not really on Blood & Thunder's side I'll concur with the above projected breakdown and think Repeal Obama will get his first fantasy football title while Blood & Thunder will always have "next year."

In either way some streak will have to break.  Either Blood & Thunder will snap his 0fer in super bowls or Repeal Obama will snap his losing to the eventual champion.  One will break and one will continue.

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