Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Power Of Attraction


  1. This is my new favorite with its fractals, geometry, and inspired use of color; I love it.

  2. Really glad you like this piece. It's one of those pieces where you start out with a certain image in mind but as you start painting it out, you see your initial idea isn't necessarily what's coming out, for one reason or another. There was a piece of this one I thought was integral to the overall concept of bringing together that I just couldn't transfer from mind to canvas, but it was through this difficulty I got the idea to use the fractals to symbolize this power of attraction, how it can bridge the pool of demons, keeping safe the human abstraction, spanning the gap that seems so impossible to gap, yet because of the attraction between objects a light grows and suddenly a once desolate scene is filled with glory and connection. Again, really glad you like the piece, means a lot to me:)