Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fantasy Football League Playoffs Round 2

We had two pretty exciting games last week.  I split the two bringing me up to 49-29-2 for the season.  

Thug Life seemed to have the contest in hand, then 2:08 was on the clock in Chicago and Tebow Time took over and with that a flurry of points saw Mission:Repeat have a 31 point lead heading into MNF.  Thug Life's last chance rested on Brandon Lloyd having a monster game.  That did not happen and so Thug Life goes home while M:R heads into Repeal Obama's House to take on the number 2 seed.

Things looked mighty cozy for 6 Wide Sunday night.  They had a 36 point lead over Manning Vs. Food, due in part to a key injury to Greg Jennings and a surprising resting of Ahmad Bradshaw.  But they had a 36 point lead and MVF had Beast Mode and Doug Baldwin going.  6 Wide was done.  Things looked great for 6 Wide until Beast Mode took control of the game.  Couple that with a few key plays by Baldwin the come from behind looked like it could be possible.  With 2:44 on the clock, 6 Wide's lead had dwindled to 3 points, St. Louis was facing a 4th and 7.  MVF must have been licking his chops, as he had to know with a bit over 2 minutes left the Hawk's would just kneel down, they'd go beast mode and a 30 + yard rush was very possible the way he'd been running in the second half.  MVF was dreaming of Skittles.  Yet the Rams converted the 4th down and ate up almost all of the remaining clock, leaving a kneel down to end the game and the hopes of MVF.  Meanwhile 6 Wide lives to play another week.  He'll be taking on Blood & Thunder who finished with the 1 seed on an improbably filled 11-2 record.

How the two games break down:


B&T-     Matt Stafford Vs. Oakland and Freeman Vs. Dallas
6 Wide- Romo Vs. Tampa and Grossman Vs. Giants

Projected Points: B & T 20  6W 27


B&T-     Austin Vs. Tampa, AJ Green Vs. St. Louis and Stevie Johnson Vs. Miami

6 Wide- Bowe Vs. GB, Marhall Vs. Buffalo and Torrey Smith Vs. SD

Projected Points:  B&T 30  6W 35


B&T-    MJD Vs Atlanta and Foster Vs. Carolina

6 Wide- Shonn Greene Vs. Philly, Chris Johnson Vs. Indy

Projected Points:  B & T 36  6W- 30


B&T-     Jimmy Graham Vs. Minnesota
6 Wide- Jermichael Finley Vs. KC

Projected Points:  B&T 13  6W 13

Flex Plays

B&T-   Mike Williams(TB) Vs. Dallas and Reggie Bush Vs. Buffalo

6 Wide- Mario Manningham Vs. Washington and Mike Bush Vs. Det

Projected Points:  B&T 22  6W 19


B&T-    David Akers Vs. Pittsburgh
6 Wide-Matt Bryant Vs. Jacksonville

Projected Points B&T 11  6W 10


B&T-     Cincinatti Vs. St. Louis
6 Wide- Pittsburgh Vs. SF

Projected Points: B&T 14  6W 12

Total Projection:  B&T  146  6 Wide 146

Wow, I knew this one was going to be close, but this is nuts.  So I guess, seeing I've picked against B & T all year long so far I'll keep going with that and go with 6 Wide 147 Blood & Thunder 146

In the Second Game we Have Mission:Repeat Vs. Repeal Obama:


RO  Ryan Vs. Jacksonville and Rivers Vs. Baltimore
MR  Rodgers Vs. KC and Tebow Vs. NE

Projected Points:  RO 31  MR 37


RO  Calvin Vs. Oak, Roddy Vs. Jax and Wallace Vs. SF
MR  A. Brown Vs. SF, Crabtree Vs. Pitt and Decker Vs. NE

Projected Points:  RO 45  MR 23


RO Blount Vs. Dallas and Kevin Smith Vs. Oakland
MR Ryan Grant Vs. KC and Ray Rice Vs. SD

Projected Points:  RO 17  MR 31


RO  Brent Celek Vs. NYJ
MR  Owen Daniels Vs. Indianapolis

Projected Points:  RO 7  MR 9

Flex Plays

RO  Jordy Nelson Vs. KC and Santana Moss Vs. NYG
MR  Nate Washington Vs. Indianapolis and Willis McGahee Vs. NE

Projected Points:  RO 20  MR 22


RO  John Kasay Vs Minnesota
MR  Rob Bironas Vs. Indianapolis

Projected Points:  RO 8  MR 6


RO    SF Vs. Pitt
MR    AZ Vs. Cle

Projected Points:  RO 11  MR 7

Total Projections:  RO 139  MR 135

Actually, to be honest, I didn't think it would be this close.  But doing the player by player breakdowns, while adding variables into the mix it changes perspectives a bit.  Can I see Mission Repeat winning, absolutely, but I think the odds are a but stacked up in RO's favor with those deadly 5 receiver package he's rolling out there.

This final four has a few interesting story lines though.

1.  Mission:Repeat is trying to follow up a championship with a championship, which would be the first to happen since the days of the Flying Apes dynasty which seems like ages ago now.

2.  Repeal Obama is trying to get a playoff win and carry his Fantasy Baseball prowess over into the realm of Fantasy Football.

3.  6 Wide is looking for his second title in 4 years.

4.  B & T is looking to return to his 4th straight Super Bowl.

Needless to say, I think it's safe to say, that the winner of the RO/MR contest is pulling for B & T to win his match this weekend over 6 Wide.  Why you ask?  Because he's 0-3 in Super Bowl appearances.

Only time will tell but it does appear it will be RO vs 6 Wide next week battling it out for the title. 

One final bit of predicting here.  If Mission:Repeat wins this week HE WILL, win the super bowl.  As his Denver Bronco contingency, even after dumping the defense, is playing the Bills.  Just some thoughts to chew on.

To those still in this thing Good Luck and to those out of it, enjoy the ride.

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