Thursday, December 15, 2011

NFL Game Predictions Week 15

I had a pretty good week picking the games last week.  I went 13-3 and easily could have gone 12-2, as I flip flopped on the Houston-Cincinnati game for some time before picking the Bengals.  This week brings my record for the season up to 139-69, not bad but still have a few more weeks ahead of me.

I missed the Houston, Philadelphia and Arizona wins last week for those of you keeping score at home.

Onto the Week 15 Games

Thursday Night Football

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Atlanta Falcons

Were the 41 points Jacksonville scored last week a fluke or something Jaguar fans can look forward to in the upcoming seasons.  I think it was more of a product of Tampa playing that poorly and finally seeing MJD used in the passing attack more.  The Jags could be a tricky play here but I'll stick to the home Falcons here.  Atlanta 24  Jacksonville 20

Saturday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This week we get a special Saturday night edition of football.  It pits the hot/cold Cowboys against the lately lifeless Buccaneers.  Well I really can't formulate a scenario for Tampa Pulling this one out.  I think Dallas will score at will here.  Dallas 35  Tampa 17

Sunday Games

Cincinnati Bengals @ St. Louis Rams

The Rams are awful.  The Bengals have a good defense and a highlight reel receiver.  Not to mention Benson ran well against the Ravens a few weeks ago, and everyone's been running well vs. the Rams.  It shouldn't matter where this game is played.  If I were in the Rams PR department I'd be trying to get the Cards to return for this game as well, perhaps their only chance.  Cincinnati 21  St. Louis 6

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

The only real storylines in this gamer are the recent firing of Miami's HC and the possibility of ex-Bill JP Losman running the offense for the fins.  The Bills are in disarray and I just can't pick em, especially after getting annihilated against them earlier this year.  Miami 21  Buffalo 13

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

Will this be the week.  No.  Tennessee 28  Indianapolis 10

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants

The Skins have been playing better as of late and Grossman's been kind of good to boot.  But the Giants can score more and therefore they'll win easy.  Giants 34  Skins 20

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings

Saint easily. NO 38  Minnesota 13

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Packers are the Packers.  KC is well under new management.  Romeo takes the HC role and I believe we'll see Orton under center.  This one will not be close, even without Jennings for GB.  GB 45 KC 20

Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans

Carolina has their hands filled with that Texans Defense.  Newton is fun to watch, but so is Arian Foster.  Could actually be a pretty good game. Probably the 1:00pm game I'll be watching.  Houston 24 Carolina 17

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears

Hanie vs a tough Seahawk defense.  Beast Mode Prevails. Seattle 23 Chicago 10

Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders

Raiders are slipping and the Lions should keep them in slip mode.  Look for a concerted effort to get Megatron the ball in this one as he's been pretty invisible the past few weeks.  Detroit 31 Oakland 21

NY Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles show up this game could go either way, however they've only done that a couple times this year.  The Jets are not an offensive powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination either though, so this could be a game.  That said I'll take the jets.  NY 27  Philadelphia 20

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals

This is the stinker game most won't see.  Arizona 16 Cleveland 6

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Will Tebow Time Strike again.  It would be nice to see, but I just don't see them being in position to win this one late.  NE 28  Denver 13

Sunday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers

Could be a good game to watch.  The Chargers are awesome in December and the Ravens can be had if the stars align for the bolt.  I like this as a game to watch and I'm hoping it isn't decided until late in the 4th.  I want the Chargers to win but I think the Ravens will come out on top.  Baltimore 35 San Diego 31

Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Francisco 49'ers

Finally a game worth watching on MNF.  If Big Ben plays, which I think he will, it should be a great game to watch and see how Bruce Arians attacks the SF linebackers and secondary.  I have to believe they won't run all that much and Patrick Willis sounds like he's back this week, which is all the more reason to stay away from the ground.  The niners aren't very good offensively yet, but can get into field goal range almost consistently.  I think the difference between getting FG's over TD's will bite them as it did last week.  Pittsburgh 26 SF 22

Enjoy the week of Football.

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