Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Coaster by The Frozen Woods


  1. Interesting name for this abstract. Roller coaster? Are those visual references to tree limbs in the backgrounds, and frozen within their spaces? I know Photoshop well but this must have surely take you ages.

    It would be so intriguing to read your write ups about each piece too, if you ever think of adding that, Fred.

  2. Yeah, a roller coaster with frozen trees. I use art rage-I would've loved to have been able to afford photoshop but couldn't swing it, art rage is pretty cool though. My abstracts typically start off just doodling really, then I pull the knife out and kind of shape things out, hoping something catches my imagination, which thankfully it normally does. Once I have an idea, a direction, I try to mold what's already there into fitting the piece as a whole. Yeah, the limbs were a pain, because I shaped them while they were all in black, and then didn't like the way it looked, so had to go back and recolor individually. Normally my abstracts take about 2 hours, this one was closer to 4. I normally don't offer too much as far as write ups on most the abstracts, as I never really want to skew the viewers mind, but it's a good idea, I may start putting something of the sorts up there the following day, gives people a chance to form there own opinion then check the next day. Sounds like a good idea, but I'm sure I'll forget lol Thanks again, I did a nice collage type Happiness piece earlier today, few touches still to make on it though, should have it up by weekend. Thanks again.