Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now I lay me down

The theme for this weeks Creative Tuesday is Healthy.  Well, I had trouble thinking of something healthy.  No, that's not entirely true, I thought of tons of things that are healthy, however, I couldn't think of anything healthy that I could actually draw or paint.

I had this neat idea of a woman making her way into a lake of milk, where at closer look the sandy shore was really a mix of Kashi and Grape Nuts, a few palm trees hanging bananas, oranges and of course some fish , multi colored, perhaps trout, swimming underneath the milky sea, just to add some Omega-3 to the healthy buffet.  But, nope.  Couldn't get it looking the way I wanted to.

So, seeing most doctors feel that sleep is both healthy and necessary to the human body, and seeing I couldn't figure out how to properly convey sleep, without the whole little boy sleeping in bed with a glow-in-the-dark crescent moon pasted to his wall, perhaps with his mother peeking in through the cracked door, letting just a trickling of the hallway light creep in.  But yeah, there was no way I'd pull that one off, the bed ok, the crescent moon, yep, the shadowy space, door and trickling of light, yep, the little boy, maybe, seeing he'd be under covers, but the mom, nope.

Well, this long intro aside, I thought of dreams, which I totally knew I could pull off.  And that's where this piece came from.  Phew….


  1. Fred, too busy to look at this now but will do later--want to give it the time it deserves. Looks compelling. but, you know, you had ALL week to sign up if done earlier. I'm going to add a link on my next write up for those who missed yours but I do hope you get it in on time between tonight and next Tuesday night, next time. :) TY!!

    will be back later...tonight..

  2. Ok, couldn;t resist looking now, although pressed for time... just read your write up. Interesting!! i really like the doorway into another world as indeed dreams are. I can totally see that how you came to dreams but do keep in mind, the guidelines stipulate, although artistic license is expected, the visual has to be CLEARLY/obviously associated with the theme, so please keep that in mind for other themes, which i hope you will interpret too. this is very clever though. The droplets are instriguing too.

  3. well this is certainly the most innovative entry for the theme Fred. I like it, deep and introspective!

  4. Ok, Fred. Wrote you up! a good way, that is. :)

  5. I love that purple shade you use so often in your art. And it's perfect for this sleepy/dream like state. Very clever, too...those drops look raindrops...they look so realistic! Sleep is most certainly on the healthy list....I really should get another hour each night!

  6. Compelling, Fred. Welcome to CT.