Saturday, May 26, 2012

Empyrean Dusk (Violent Piano Vol. 5)


  1. Love the colors for this one, reminds me a little of Vol. 1

    1. Thanks Matt. the texture is identical to the first piece, the really only difference between the two is the dark red is swapped out for this orange/yellow/gold/grey mixture and a few undercurrents of black I threw in their for effect. Thanks

    2. Oh yeah I know they are all identical in texture, I just mean how the colors are mixed is why it reminds me of vol. 1. Like how there is a lot of black mixed in with 1 and 5, and in the other 3 there is white mixed in but not a lot of black. It seems 1 and 5 also have the most solid colors in them (red and yellow) although 1 seems to have some orange in it too. Anyway though, can't wait to see the others. It would be cool to have a collage of them all.

    3. yeah, I did change up the highlight colors too, see you're paying closer attention than I am lol the collage idea is a good one, but not exactly sure how to go about doing that, perhaps I can find a freebie app in the mac store that can help, but collages are neat, the only one I've ever done online is the one a few weeks ago, but I made the collage the old fashioned way, drew every section in by hand. Excellent idea, will have to look into it. Thanks