Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Love Bug

I'm submitting this piece for Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesdays.  Let me preface, by saying that I'm not quite sure if Digital Art completely fits the guidelines or not.  I didn't see anything to the contrary, but there is a chance I glossed over the mention in the rules.  Anyhow, please let me know.

I just came across Creative Tuesdays yesterday visiting Betsy's blog, visited and thought it was a really great way to share artistic interests.  I've just really started exploring my artistic side in the visual sense a little over a year ago, and have been quite drawn to the abstract.  This could because of a lack, as of know, in skill to draw people, places and things, but I do enjoy it and am learning everyday.

A little long of an intro here, well, it's actually below the piece, so I guess it would technically be a footnote, but regardless, checking out other's artistic ventures is always an enjoyment, and in short, that's why I appreciate the sites that allow a community sharing of their art.  So to Mr. Toast and all those that share, thank you for providing such an outlet.

As to the piece itself, as I mentioned it's done digitally.  I start by smothering the canvas in a variety of colors.  Typically I just go where the ideas take me, but having a prompt was quite beneficial.  I guess doing an abstract piece is really all about coming up with a unique snapshot of sorts.  One that tells a story in itself.  So, with that I got to playing with the knife, just something to do while I was thinking through what premise to go with.  I finally came upon the idea of a cocoon and the eventual transformation into the butterfly, again, thank's to Betsy's wonderful Admirals the other day, perhaps it was still in my memory someplace.  And I thought, when humans fall in love it truly is a transformation of self and surroundings, so I went with this idea.  So, here, the heart is locked within the cocoon, and I think the butterfly is pretty apparent.  So thanks once more.


  1. Hey! I was so happy to see your name on the linky! :)

    I think this is a brilliant interpretation with the cocoon and all. And yeah, those Admirals were so cool...very inspiring.

  2. Fred you sure have a way with words and this piece is a winner! Welcome to Creative Tuesdays!

  3. Welcome Fred...this is really an interesting piece and good interpretation. Art is so unique to each individual...that's what so cool about it.

    So glad you joined us.

  4. Fred - nice to meet you through CT
    Your digital work is amazing...good stuff. i like the colors here too!

  5. Welcome to the group Fred. The colours you have used are amazing as well as the lines you have produced.

  6. FRed, YES, it TOTALLY fits the guidelines, but TY for wondering! As you said, if it doesn;t say anythign to the contrary, than by all means! I often use digital colouring for my pieces too, especially for skies!

    It's so wonderful having not only a fellow GUY in our co-op (other than me) but also great to see a different medium explored as such. Abstract works well for what you are trying to accomplish here. I love the swirled paint feel and just the energy coming out of this piece. A great idea for love bug for sure. TY so much for playing along. I hope you will keep at it, for a while at least anyway! Great to meet you. A shout out to Betsy too--one of the most prolific bloggers I know with a vast audience out there too! :)

    BTw, had to laugh at your "about me" write up. LOL.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it's a great idea you had, was a lot of fun. I'll definitely try my best to keep linking pieces up, but definitely will be seeing what's been offered up every week. Yeah, you just have to laugh at what sports teams you're born into loving. But things are looking up, so the mantra of you never know is always there… Thanks again.

  7. Fred, just looking at your piece again as i do the montage to post later tonight...along with the new theme. I cant tell you how much I love this piece. REALLY REALLY love how you obscured the cocoon which is also a heart--home is where the heart is but its being broken up with the lines as the butterfly breaks free in that new world. Definitely creative too! GREAt job.

  8. Oh cool, you saw it. That's awesome. This type of thing is what I love about the really good abstract artists, is that there really is a story in there, if you only know where to look. It definitely is very cool that you saw the story in the piece. Made my night there. Thanks

  9. When I moved to the US, the New England Patriots were pretty low down there, and now look at them!

    Well, hey, no pressure, whenever a theme strikes a nerve and you find time to do a piece for CT, feel free. TY.

  10. heh, I was one class away from a double major in art history. Alot of abstract art is purile but when done well, it is jsut as your noted.