Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 6 Game Predictions

Well, as we learned from last weeks games the bye weeks are a crapshoot.  In past seasons Bye week games were a huge disadvantage for teams suffering from missing players from their lineups.  This past week, the first of bye weeks for 2011, seemed pretty neutral for the most part, except, if any change was seen, it was the opposite as you'd expect.  Teams missing players scrambled on Sunday morning before kickoff and the few days leading up to the week for anyone really that they could plug in for a week to help them get through.  Nothing different there, but it did amaze me the amount of production these waiver wire guys produced.

A few examples:

Doug Baldwin nailing down a 20 point performance.  Doug who, well the Seattle receiver did have a decent fantasy performance in week one, but really hasn't sniffed points since.  That is, until this past weekend.

Tim Tebow, who was a backup leading into the week.  The theory with playing Tebow was the fact that he had the possibility of running a few wildcat plays here or there, and there's always the chance of a cheap goal-line TD. Well Orton stinks the joint up, and enter Tebow who scored 15 points in the second half.

These were just two of the WW all-stars from week 5.  It really is a crapshoot and I'm not going to bother trying to figure out what teams might possibly be hurt from bye week problems, as there's just as good of a chance that the scrubs will have all that snot-factor that goes along with WW wonders.

I went 4-2 last week and am now 21-9 for the season.  Not bad, but easily could be better.

The two games I did lose were the Cinderella Story writing yet another chapter, this time at the expense of Thug Life, where apparently name changes don't do what they used to do in another time, another place.

The Iron Pigs, the team that was riddled the most by bye week problems outlasted a red-hot Mission:Repeat team.  Bye Week brilliance at it's finest.

On to Week 6

A dejected Blood & Thunder team, who was the recipient of the Biggest Blowout of the week, getting trounced by Pierre Garcon, Doug Baldwin and co.  This week he takes on that Mission: Repeat squad, who are also plugging the bye week holes in a major way.  What does this tell you?  Yep, go M:R in this one, in a Snot-Factor festival.  Mission:Repeat 108 Blood & Thunder 101

Repeal Obama stayed perfect for the season, although he did get a close scare there for awhile against F Philly.  This week he takes on that previously mentioned Thug Life.  This game probably shouldn't be pretty, but Thug Life has the early Vegas odds going for them, but then again RO hasn't submitted his final roster yet, and there are 2 positions left unfilled.  The mantra of "Can't win 'em all" keeps ringing, but I think the only way RO loses this week if the undefeated record goes to his head and decides on not picking up two snot players to plug in.  Repeal Obama 125 Thug Life 117

7QB's Deep can't even get the breaks when it comes to trades.  Desperately trying to make one last stab at getting a W he trades Tebow to Mission:Repeat for a great WR in Larry Fitzgerald, but also a WR who's on a bye this week.  0-6 just may be too difficult, if not impossible, a task to dig out from.  He takes on F Philly this week, a team that's been pretty good this year overall, and I think he's out to prove he deserves to be there with the playoff ranks.  F Philly 113 7 QB's Deep 106

Clean Slate is keeping his surprising season rolling and faces a still deadly 6 Wide Team.  I actually should pick 6 Wide here but I'll roll the dice on a Clean Slate team with some good plays this week. Clean Slate 122 6 Wide 119

LGBW Vs. Iron Pigs.  LGBW's players have been slowly coming along but I don't see them getting it done this week.  Iron Pigs is vastly underrated and could be in store for a good week come Sunday. Iron Pigs 109 LGBW 104

The real cinderella team so far this year is MVF, a team that only drafted half a team and has been plugging the roster with BPA and some roll of the dice type moves from the WW.  Us against the world Vs. Who Dey.  Battle for the silver slipper match.  Too many points been scored by MVF to pick against this unlikely lot.  I do like some of Cinderella Story's matchups, but I'll go MVF 140 Cinderella Story 133

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