Thursday, October 13, 2011

NFL Week 6 Game Predictions

Last week we saw the first of the NFL bye weeks.  With the bye weeks in session, the number of games on the schedule went from 16 to 13.  Although still above .500, I wasn't very pleased with the 8-5 prediction record I posted.  Through 5 weeks my record is now 53-24, still pretty good but easily could be better.

The Games I missed on last week.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo

I'm extremely happy I missed on this one.  The Bills defense came to play and gave Mike Vick fits all game, as they intercepted him four times over the course of the game.  The Eagles had so many other mistakes though, the game easily could have been much more lopsided than the score suggests.  Great game for the Bills, leaves Buffalo tied with NE for the AFC East lead, while Philly is in some trouble at 1-4.

San Francisco annihilated Tampa Bay 48-3.  And I thought it was going to be a close 20-19 TB victory.

Seattle came back with a late interception to oust the Giants at home 36-25.  I really gave the Seahawks no chance in this one, and although the largest upset of the week by far, it still leaves you shaking your head as to how this could have happened.

Oakland beat Houston 25-20.  I had a feeling that the passing of Owner Al Davis would either weigh too heavily upon the players or inspire them to victory.  I bet on the first, and as it turned out this team was extremely inspired to win won for their late owner.

I took the Titans to win but in my gut I wanted to take the Steelers.  It was just a case of poor play by Pittsburgh leading up to this game and then factoring the great play by Tennessee it seemed like a decision I had to make.  So what did happen, Big Ben threw for 5 TD's in a 21 point route of the Titans, that's all.

Week 6 Predictions

Buffalo @ NY Giants

The Bills, if it weren't for a bad call in the Cinci game, would be undefeated heading into this one.  The Giants should be ready to defend the pride stolen to them at home last week by Seattle.  Should be a good contest.  I'll pick the Bills to squeak out a close, but high-scoring game. Buffalo 34 NYG- 27

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati

The Colts looked better last week but they still lost the game and they gave up a pretty decent sized lead in the process.  The Bengals have one of the, if not the, best defense in the league right now.  The game won't be televised locally in the Cincinnati area but the outcome should be positive for Bengals fans.  Cincinnati 25  Indianapolis 16

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh

The Jaguars are so one-dimensional right now.  Blaine Gabbert is getting better every week, but he's on the typical, non-Cam Newton, rookie QB pace.  Pittsburgh looked great last week, and at home I can't see the Jags doing anything to derail them.
Pittsburgh 27 Jacksonville 13

Philadelphia @ Washington

Philadelphia may be the most talented 1-4 team in NFL history, but that doesn't seem to prevent them from making every possible mistake throughout the course of a game.  So far the Redskins look good enough to win their games, which is different than just winning.  I should probably take Washington and gamble on the Eagles free-fall will continue but I'm going to guess it has to stop at some point.  Philadelphia 34 Washington 21

San Francisco @ Detroit

SF's defense has been playing lights out, and QB Alex Smith has been playing inspired football.  That said Detroit is crazy good right now. Detroit 20 SF 14

ST. Louis @ Green bay

These two teams are on two different realms altogether.  I look for an easy Packer win, extending their record to 6-0, keeping pace with their division rival Detroit. Green Bay 45  St. Louis 10

Carolina @ Atlanta

I want to pick Carolina here, and as poorly as the Falcons have been playing this year I would if the game was in Charlotte.  But it's not. So I'll take Atlanta in a close one. Atlanta 30  Carolina 27

Cleveland @ Oakland

Cleveland's played better ball lately.  They've had some time to rest some guys up and have had two weeks to prepare for this game.  Oakland could be spent from their emotional win last week.  I do expect the exhaustion of such an emotional situation to eventually set in, but not in front of their home crowd, for the first time since their owner's passing. Oakland 24 Cleveland 17

Houston @ Baltimore

Houston really needs to get things back together and in a big way.  It's obvious that the loss of their superstar WR Andre Johnson is having an effect on their offense, and they need to find other ways to produce.  I just don't see it happening this week, not against a good Ravens team that had a bye week last week and are home this week.  Good game but not good enough for Houston. Baltimore 28 Houston 20

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Tampa's not very good right now.  They have a lot of issues on offense and New Orleans is clicking, despite a close call last week.  I'll take NO on the road here.  NO 30 TB 21

Dallas @ New England

Should be a shootout in Foxboro.  That said, it should be an entertaining game.  One that sees Tom Brady having just a bit more in the tank than Romo and the Boys.  NE 38 Dallas 34

Minnesota @ Chicago

Chicago played alright despite the loss on MNF.  Minnesota won their first game last week at home against the reeling Cards.  I think Chicago is a better team than Minnesota, and although the better team doesn't always win, I think they do this week.  Chicago 17 Minnesota 13

Miami @ NY Jets

This should be a good game to watch.  We should find out a lot of information in this game.  As to how the Dolphins fare against a struggling Jets team, one they've had two weeks to game plan for.  I'm also one of the few that thinks they'll be much improved with Matt Moore leading their offense.  I've never been a Chad Henne fan and as unfortunate as the injury is for him personally, I think it'll turn out to be a positive for the team.  Then on the other hand you have the Jets, who've lost 3 straight games and looked abysmal the past two weeks.  Scores don't always provide a clear indication of how a team performed, and that's the case for NYJ. So it'll be interesting to see how they come out, at home, against Miami.  If Sanchez starts off slow, the NY crowd could get on him early.  This game should provide an indication as to both of these teams future success this year.  I'll hedge my beats by picking the team that I think is more talented, which just happens to be the home team as well.  NYJ 21  Miami 17

Teams on Bye this week: Tennessee, Seattle, KC, San Diego, Denver and Arizona.

Hope everyone has a good weekend of NFL action.

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