Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fantasy League Week 4 Predictions

This week's just flown by.  It's already week 4 of the NFL season and with that we also get week 4 of the Fantasy Football season.  Last week I went 5-1 in my predictions, bringing me to 13-5 for the season.

A brief Recap of the week that was:

Repeal Obama kept his destructive roll going as he posted a 131-83 blowout over the reeling LGBW team. This marked RO's 3rd consecutive blowout and 3rd straight owning the largest margin of victory.  Look, we're only 3 weeks in, but can anyone stop this train.  Look's like it'll be up to 6 Wide to derail the Repeal Train this week.

6 Wide got back on the right side of the W-L column in week 3.  Despite Vick and Britt going down, the latter will sting all year, 6 Wide still manage to dispose of then-undefeated Cinderella Story in the weeks 2nd closest game. 98-80, the 18 point spread only beat by Clean Slate, who won his game by 16 points.

Clean Slate finally found his way to the win column after the previously mentioned 16 point win over 7 QB's deep, who, at 0-3 may want to consider dumping a few of those QB's for a RB or two-:).  But all jokes aside it looks like an uphill climb for 7QB's if a trade or two isn't made sooner rather than later.

F*#& Philly ended Blood & Thunders undefeated season as the bounces did not break his way in week 3 as they had in the first two weeks.  F Philly put up 148 points second only to the 154 put up by Manning Vs. Food.

MVF ousted the now 1-2 Iron Pigs in a high scoring affair 154-129.  As elated as MVF must feel, IP must be dejected as 129 should win you your game 9 out of 10 times.  

The final game last week saw Deadliest Catch lose to defending league champion Mission: Repeat 121-80.  The loss was so demoralizing for DC that a team meeting took place on monday that resulted in a name change.  No longer Deadliest Catch, the ownership group decided it should opt a name more resembling the characteristics of the players on their squad, therefore the 2Pac Shakur song was chosen, and in so doing Thug Life was born, a very appropriate name indeed.

On to Week 4:

Thug Life vs. Blood & Thunder

Thug Life donning their brand new uni's for the first time get to take on a Blood & Thunder team that's simply trying to stay afloat and scratch out a few wins until star WR Miles Austin returns in week 6.  This game could go either way and really depends on McCoy versus Foster.  Although I do like both this week I'll have to go with McCoy as he's coming off a couple of great games and this will be Foster's first real test.  Thug 126 Blood 125

Repeal Obama Vs. 6 Wide

The marquis matchup of the week.  How does James Starks fare as the lead back vs. the Broncos this week?  Does CJ make it 4 straight games catching 2 TD's?  Does Vick make it through an entire game?  Does the Loss of Britt too much to bear?  All these questions and more could possibly be answered this week.  Although I think the blowout streak will end at 3 games for RO, I do have to pick them as I think the Britt loss is actually devastating for 6 Wide.  Repeal 133 6 Wide 122

7 QB's Deep vs LeGarettesBlountwrap

The Somebody's gotta win bowl week 2.  Who will get more out of their underperforming team.  Who's opening up the firesale on tuesday?  I really don't like either teams this week, and I'm half tempted to buy into the LGBW curse but Chris Johnson and the team's namesake can't be held down for all that long- I think this could be ugly if all engines are go.  But I guess we'll see.  LGBW 111  7QB's 88

Clean Slate Vs. Iron Pigs

Clean Slate tries to even out their record while Iron Pigs looks to get back on the winning side.  Tough Game, tough matchups for both- I think the Daniel Thomas, yes Daniel Thomas factor is looming but do feel that this game is a strong contender for the weeks closest game to go along with the B&T Vs. TL game.  Iron Pigs 108 Clean Slate 102

F Philly Vs. Cinderella Story

Cinderella's still looking for that slipper and F Philly may be delusion thinking his boy Sanchez will continue to score big each week.  That said, despite how I feel about Sanchez, I do like FP's chances this week.  He'll need both QB's to neutralize what a pissed off Tom Brady does in Oakland but the rest of his roster looks stronger and should prevail. F#%& Philly 123 Cinderella 109

Manning Vs. Food Vs. Mission: Repeat

I'm not buying into the 154 points just yet.  This game is another close contest waiting to happen, but I'll be a believer in MVF if he can take out the defending champ this week.  My Pick, M:R 118  MVF 113

Hope everyone has a good Fantasy this weekend.

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