Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 7 Game Predictions

In week 6 of the Fantasy Football season we saw a sharp spike in point production.  The effects that went relatively unnoticed despite bye week influence in Week 5 reared its ugly head, dramatically tilting more than a handful of games.  Mission:Repeat, Repeal Obama, 7QB's deep all felt the impact of the bye week.  Yet Manning Vs. Food continued his impressive high scoring routine.  Thug Life joined the scoring frenzy as he dropped 144 on the then undefeated Repeal Obama, in what turned out to be the weeks Biggest Blowout.

Week 6 was also the rare occurrence of a tie, where LGBW made a late surge to tie the Iron Pigs, who, leaving sunday's games, must have felt fairly confident about where they sat.  F Philly also came back in a big way with his NYJ contingency striking pay dirt as they came from behind to defeat 7 QB's Deep, which marked back to back monday nights where he saw defeats snatched from the grasp of victory.

On the prediction front I finished a meager 3-2-1 this past week.  One of the two losses came to the depleted Mission Repeat team not getting that snot-factor production that typically is the bane of existence for Blood & Thunder, in a game much closer than the 31 point margin of victory would suggest. The second loss came from the "out of the blue" trouncing of the Undefeated Obama, as thug life brought out all he had to thoroughly destroy the last remaining undefeated team, thus narrowing the stranglehold on first place overall.

The 3-2-1 mark now brings my prediction record for the season to 24-11-1.

On to Week 7, which has all the makings for one monumentally brutal scoring drought, courtesy of BYE Week productions.

Blood & Thunder Vs. Iron Pigs

The Pigs get his lethal SD charger duo of V-Jax and Matthews back along with highly productive fantasy RB Daniel Thomas, from the Miami Dolphins.  They'll line up alongside newly acquired QB Carson Palmer, just signed on Tuesday by the Oakland Raiders.  B & T is riddled with Bye week blues, but his team has been staggering lately and last week proved that, as a relatively intact team put up a meager 99 points.  He also has a pair of new QB's on the team, in Charlie Whitehurst, most likely a one week addition and rookie Christian Ponder.  Nothing scary about that duo.  B & T is perusing the rosters of other teams, looking for a trading partner.  Iron Pigs 122  B & T 96

Repeal Obama Vs Manning Vs. Food

This should have been a marquis matchup.  Would the Buzzsaw of MVF continue?  How would RO's reaction to their first loss be revealed?  It doesn't matter, and while snot-factor is a nemesis of most, MVF's team is battered with bye week problems.  Probably much too great to hope to overcome.  Repeal Obama 110  MVF 90

7 QB's Deep Vs Thug Life

I don't know about this game one bit.  Thug Life clearly has a better roster, or a more productive roster I should say.  But there's a gut feeling I have about 7QB's team this week. I'm going to pick the underdog here, simply because I feel the loss of Shady McCoy may be too much too overcome for Thug Life.  7QB's Deep 100 Thug Life 94

Mission:Repeat Vs Cinderella Story

Cinderella's team is gone this week.  I see a zero chance scenario they pull this off.  And for Mission:Repeat, what a matchup to unveil your newest toy, QB Tim Tebow, one he paid a hefty price tag for, in the likes of Pettigrew and Larry Fitzgerald.  Mission:Repeat should have this settled early.  M:R 109 Cinderella Story 78

Clean Slate Vs F Philly

Bye week disaster for Clean Slate this week sees F Philly muddying that tablet up.  Nothing special about the F Philly Squad this week, but Clean Slate is hurting this week because of the Bye.  F Philly takes this one, but it still should be a game.  F Philly 82 Clean Slate 74

LeGarrettesblountwraps Vs 6 Wide

In the final game of Week 7 I see the LGBW actually gaining a big boost in confidence from coming back for the Week 6 tie.  Both teams look a bit shaky this week, but I like LGBW this week in what appears to be a game that can go either way.  LGBW 88 6 Wide 86

See you all in week 8

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