Saturday, October 1, 2011

NFL Week 4 Predictions

Well it's time to make my picks for Week 4 of the NFL season.  I stumbled a little bit last week, as I went 10-6 in the W-L column, but it's still above .500 for the week, so not too bad.

After 3 Weeks my record is 34-14.

The games that got away in Week 3.

Buffalo 34  New Englad 31

The game that's been the talk of the football world all week long.  I'm extremely glad that I got this game wrong.  As a lifelong Bills fan I've been waiting far too long for a winning team to take the field.  While it's early yet, it sure does look like we're moving in the right direction.  Who would've thought the Bills would be 3-0 right now, coming off a 34-31 last second win against the Patriots, who had 15 straight wins against Buffalo before the Lindell FG.  Great day to be a Bills Fan indeed.

San Francisco 13 Cincinnati 8

An ugly game for sure, really was a toss up.  I thought the home field advantage and the seeming arrival of AJ Green would have been enough but Harbaugh's got his team ready to play and they're 2-1 right now.

NYG 29 Philadelphia 16

Never saw this one coming.  For all the hype the Eagles got in the offseason they're not living up to it.  Well, actually they are, when Vick plays, he was hurt in both their losses and Eli Manning abused the Eagles secondary.  So any given Sunday surely holds today as it did the day it was first stated.

Dallas 18  Washington 16

Maybe Washington's not there yet.  They could have won the game but a costly turnover sealed the win for the Cowboys.  Kind of surprised Washington didn't score more, but again, that's why they play the games.

Seattle 13 Arizona 10

A game I didn't watch.  Not excited about Seattle at all, and if Arizona can't score more than 10 points than perhaps I shouldn't get excited over them either.

Tampa Bay 16  Atlanta 13

Something not right with Matt Ryan.  He's not making the throws, he looks lost at times.  The line isn't helping him out at all.  But they're a talented bunch that should turn it around.  Tampa on the other hand looked good on defense and pulled it out, so Kudos to them and a big win for Buc's fans everywhere.

Week 4 Predictions

Carolina @ Chicago

Newton came down to earth last week despite the win.  Chicago's having their troubles but, at home, they should prevail. Chicago 19-Carolina 13

Buffalo @ Cincinnati

Buffalo should be able to kill the Bengals through the air.  They have a good pass rush but their secondary can be picked apart, or at least I think so.  I think Cincinnati will move the ball, but call me crazy, I can't see Andy Dalton and Co. keeping pace with Fitzmagic.  Buffalo 35 Cincinnati 21

Cleveland @ Tennessee

Close game but I like Hasselback's reemergence and even with the loss of Kenny Britt I think Nate Washington can shoulder the load.  Would be nice if Chris Johnson finally produces though, as he was fun to watch when he was on top of his game.  Tennessee 16  Cleveland 14

Detroit @ Dallas

Close game, I'm leaning to Dallas, in fact I have them picked here on my sheet.  But, something is telling me to keep picking Detroit.  Toss up really.  Okay, Dallas 31-28 in overtime.

Minnesota Vs Kansas City

I won't be watching this game.  At least I don't plan to.  If McNabb plays well they'll win, if not they'll lose.  I'll go for Minnesota 13 KC 10

Washington @ St. Louis

St. Louis is in trouble this year.  Lot's of injuries and the defense just isn't playing well.  Washington's been a surprise and I'll pick them again.  Washington 23  St. Louis 13

San Francisco @ Philadelphia

Vick's supposedly back.  If he plays the whole game they win.  If he doesn't they'll still win but it'll be a closer game.  I'm assuming he stays healthy the entire game.  Philadelphia 32  SF 9

New Orleans @ Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a one trick pony show and New Orleans can scatter the ball all around.  Won't be a game.  NO 34  JAX 17

Pittsburgh @ Houston

Pittsburgh has some flaws to iron out.  Houston gets Foster back and are at home.  I'm going cautious here.  While I think Houston can pull this one out I'll go with Pittsburgh 20 Houston 14

New York Giants @ Arizona

After only putting 10 points up @ Seattle last week I can't pick them here.  NYG 30  Arizona 21

Atlanta @ Seattle

A 3 point win against the Cardinals doesn't shower me with optimism.  Falcons get right this week.  Atlanta 38 Seattle 6

Denver @ Green Bay

Too strong a contest for the Broncos.  I think there'll be some points scored here but it'll be a Packer win when the game concludes.  GB 38 Denver 24

New England @ Oakland

While I'd love to take Oakland here, does anyone really think the Patriots won't go in there and tear the place apart.  Well, I'm not so sure of the defense, but I know Tom Brady Will.  The Question is, can Jason Campbell go toe to toe with Tom Brady, I don't think so.  NE 40 Oakland 28

Miami @ San Diego

Close loss last week for Miami.  Big game out of their rookie RB will be needed against Phil Rivers and the emergence of Ryan Matthews.  SD is too strong and Miami is well, not that good  SD 31  Miami 13

NYJ @ Baltimore

Close one.  Jets always seem to be in close games.  That's emblematic of their leader and Head Coach.  I know Sanchez played well last week, getting them in position at the end, but he fell short.  He'll fall short again this week against that Ravens D.  Baltimore 24  NYJ 21

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay

I can't go with Curtis Painter.  Tampa Bay 24 Indianapolis 3

Have a great weekend of football.  Hope your team wins, unless of course your a Bengals fan.

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