Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Predictions

Week 7 was yet another sloppy week of Fantasy Football.  The low scoring games continued and that leads to a situation where one player having a monster game could be the difference as you try to outlast the Bye Week Buzzkill.

I went 3-2-1 last week predicting, bringing my season record up to

The first game I lost last week was the unlikely Blood & Thunder over Iron Pigs 116 - 91.  It was unlikely as B & T was definitely hurt by poor match-ups and Bye week issues.  But like I mentioned in the intro, one big game out of a player gives you hope.  Arian Foster, and his 42 fantasy points were the only reason B & T didn't need to bite his nails on MNF.

The other loss came at my shoot-for-the-moon bet, where I took 7 QB's Deep to pull one out.

LGBW suffered yet another tie last week.  This time it was against 6 Wide.  This seems to have prompted a name change, the second in the league this year.  The teams unveiling ceremony comes this weekend as...drum roll... The Dreamkillers take on F Philly.  I think the name says it all.

WEEK 8 Predictions

Dreamkillers Vs. F Philly

By having sole possession of the entire NY Jets football team, F Philly is in Bye week hell this week.  As DK's "star" RB has the perfect opportunity to wreck Havok vs Indianapolis this week, so does the entire DK team.  This will even the Win to Tie Ratio.  Dreamkillers 105 F Philly 87

6 Wide Vs. Iron Pigs

Both teams suffering demoralizing losses last weekend.  I'd like to say that each team has great match-ups this week, but I can't.  Should be a real stinker of a game and open for which team wants it more.  I'll pick the Iron Pigs in this one.  Iron Pigs 101  6 wide 95

Manning Vs. Food Vs 7 QB's Deep

Not much to write about here.  I won't be picking 7 QB's again this year. Manning Vs. Food 111 7 QB's Deep 98

Clean Slate Vs. Thug Life

Might be the best matchup of the week.  I like match-ups for both teams and should be a shootout of sorts.  I'll go with Clean Slate as I think Fitz and the Bills will come up big this week.
Clean Slate 122  Thug Life 119

Blood & Thunder Vs. Cinderella Story

I really should pick B & T here, as his bye week situation this week is pretty much nil.  However, despite a few bye week issues, I can't bet against a Cinderella team that has racked up the points this year, outside of last week that is.
Cinderella Story 126  Blood & Thunder 125

Repeal Obama Vs. Mission:Repeat

Mission Repeat is having some issues right now and R:O seems to be the team to exploit them.  Without Aaron Rodgers, this M:R team is pedestrian.  R:O has his issues too, but they seem to minor, at least for this week.  R:O 99 M:R 89

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