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2012 NFL season Week 13 game Predictions

Week 12 was a very forgettable week of football for me.  Not only did It take me to that pathetic MNF game to break .500 for the week, my Bills lost what seemed to be their only, albeit dwindling, playoff hopes, not to mention I lost almost everyone of my fantasy games, despite being heavily favored in the majority of those.  Oddly enough, the only two I actually pulled a win out, was due to stupid circumstances and both of those games I was the heavy underdog.  So, guess I'll just chalk Week 12 up as one of those crazy, unexplainable week.

I'm hoping to get things back in line this week.  Despite the 9-7 record, I'm still at 119-57 for the year.  That's a pretty good record at this point of the year, but the goal was never to come away with a pretty good year, it was to have not just a great year, but a year that beats the great year I had last season.  Another mediocre week or two like last week may put that goal out of reach, but, just as easily a few more great weeks will help out tremendously.

I've been limited all week. I'm officially on the injury report. For whatever reason, concentration has been an issue, with some pretty bad headaches, fogginess and bouts of being  both tired and distracted. I'm hoping it's just a passing thing and not a foreshadowing of a cold to come.  That all said, my hopes for these picks really aren't too high.  I really didn't dig into the statistics this week nor did I re-watch any games.  That said though, I've seen enough of each team and how I feel each should match up and I have kept up with the injury reports, so it's not like I'm just throwing darts either.  So, that all said, here goes:

Week 13


New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

I think this might be one of the best TNF games we've seen this year.  I like Atlanta at home, but the Saints have been playing better since Joe Vitt came back from suspension and I think they'll make this a game.  That said, there should be a nice helping of scoring here.  Look for great games from Brees, Graham, Colston and keep an eye out for Sproles, he could go and despite the dedication to the pounding style of ground game, he could surprise.  On the Atlanta Side, Ryan, both White and Jones at WR, and I like Jacquizz here as well.  I think he'll have a breakout performance of sorts.  ATL 34-27

Sunday Games

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears

The Bears are really, really banged up.  These injuries could severely alter their chances come playoff time.  If this game were in Seattle I'd take the Seahawks, as they're nearly invincible there.  But, as last week's dud in Miami proves, this team is not that great on the road.  I like Cutler and the Bears receivers and TE's here.  CHICAGO 21-13

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

The Texan defense has been getting torched lately.  Since Jake Locker's been back at QB the Titans have been moving the ball more effectively but haven't been scoring enough.  I think Houston will eventually pull away here, as the Titan D isn't very good at all.  But it should be entertaining for about 3 quarters.  HOUSTON 35-24

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

Miami could pull a stunner at home, but I can't take them.  NE is lethal on offense and their defense has been playing great lately.  NE 31-17

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills

Jags have been playing great football since Chad Henne took over for injured QB Gabbert.  No Gabbert, NO MJD, and their playing great.  Their defense is still pretty bad though.  I can easily see them beating the Bills this week, but somehow I think the Bills will show up here, seeing they'll be no real pressure, the home crowd will be almost absent, as 15,000+ tickets are still unsold and that the game will be blacked out locally.  I think the offense will do some nice things.  BUFFALO 28-23

Indianapolis Colts @ Detroit Lions

Could be a shootout here.  I like both teams against these respective defenses.  Should be a decent amount of offense in this one and I want to take Indianapolis, but I have a little more trust in Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford this week.  DET 27-24 OT

Carolina Panthers @ Kansas City Chiefs

While the Bills game is certainly blacked out, I think even less people will actually want to see this game.  KC is thinking number 1 pick about now and Carolina may be playing for their coaches job.  Carolina 26-9

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Jennings or not, GB should roll the Vikings up at home.  Ponder started hot this year but has fallen off something fierce.  AP is still AD but while I think he'll be effective in GB, I just don't see how their offense can keep pace with a GB offense that is for the most part, back to form.  GB 28-14

San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams

I like Bradford and what the Rams have done this year. However, SF seems revitalized since the QB change and while the STL defense is playing very well this year, I think CK and the Niners will do enough to get their points while Bradford and Co. will struggle, even at home.  SF 21-12

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets

I hate the Jets.  Not only do they stink, they are terrible to watch.  I can't say much more about Arizona though.  While I don't hate them by any stretch, at least they have Larry Fitzgerald to watch.  I just don't think Lindley will be able to get him the ball.  A boring, low scoring game that hinges on defenses putting offenses into field goal range.  A real stinker.  NYJ 9-6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos

TB is fun to watch and rookie RB Doug Martin is awesome.  I can see them winning, but I'm not taking them.  Denver is a very tough place to play and they're a good team on top of the home field advantage.  I like a bit of a lopsided score, as I think TB will struggle mightily in an altitude they rarely have to deal  with.  DENVER 34-14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Doesn't look like Big Ben will play.  Ravens all day then.  BALTIMORE 24-13

Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers

Chargers are pathetic.  They are that type of team that puts themselves in line to win a game, only to lose at the end.  Last week's forfeiting up a 4th and 29 to Baltimore is a perfect example of how Murphy's Law is always seemingly attached to the Bolts.  To make matters worse the Bengals seem to be over their skid and SD's secondary won't be able to keep pace with the Bengals receivers.  CINCI 31-21

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders

This is a tough, tough, tough game to pick.  I've been think Oakland all week as I think they'll be able to pass effectively against an overacheiving Browns team.  However, I just heard that the weather report for Sunday in LA is going to be horrendous.  They're calling for buckets of rain and very high winds.  I just don't see how they'll be able to throw the Ball, which is actually bad for both teams.  This will be a running game game, and Trent Richardson is a beast.  Cleveland 14-6

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

With the Cowboys, who Knows?  With the Eagles, who cares?  This is a tough game for SNF.  You have two head coaches who probably won't be there next year, although Andy Reid is a safer bet to be gone.  Philadelphia will likely be sporting a totally different offense next year, and as for the Cowboys, I think they still believe they can catch the Giants.  I think that's wishful thinking at best though.  They had their chance to keep pace but blew it on Thanksgiving.  I do like them here though this week against a very dysfunctional Eagles team.  DALLAS 26-15


New York Giants @ Washington Redskins

Huge game for RGIII and the Skins.  MNF and a win gets them closer to the Giants for the Division.  If NY wins, the division is all but done for Washington.  I like both offenses and I think we'll get decent games out of both defenses.  I really have no idea who to take.  My brain is telling me to take NY but my gut is telling me to go with Washington.  Just a hunch, but I can't go against NY this time of the year, this is when they seem to start getting really hot, and with what they did to GB last week, I can't go against them.  NYG 34-30

Hope everyone has a great week of football.  See you next week.

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