Friday, November 23, 2012

The Cycles of History. (Forming, Adapting, Revolutions, Alterations)

1000 years ago

750 years ago

475 years ago

250 years ago

100 years ago

The Current Timeline

100 years projected

250 years projected

475 years projected

750 years projected

1000 years projected

Time shifts.  Beliefs change.  Societies bend in manners that are from the borderline brutally obscene, to the answered timelines of prayer.

All of our accomplishments, all of our philosophical renderings, are, at times, heightened, only to eventually crumble.

Our attitudes, our systems, our perceptions, interpretations, ability to adapt to undue circumstances, fully blossom as they die, and die as they bloom.

The inevitability of time is as abstract as any.  Yet, the incongruity of it all, is how, if you live in one of these segmenting factions of time, you are able to bear witness to the evolution or devolution, as it is taking place, as it has occurred, and…

While you may see the possibility in tomorrow, while you may be enlightened to believe in mankind's ability to adapt and grow, you must also understand that mankind certainly has it's flaws, and the negation of your expectations are just as likely as the harmony in which your mind so poignantly displays.

Their are, as is the case right now, a bleakness in the air, a devastating wind that impales our composure, decimates our ability to motivate and/or predict a future that has overcome the bane of the present day…

Yet…what has happened will come again and what will come again has happened…herein, one can reflect upon the history of time itself…where for every year of blight, there are years of prosperity…at such times, a being existing in such an era, may never foresee the alteration that shall take place and then again and again….yet, this is the case…and it works in times of positive or negative connotations

Seeing we are where we are, this reality, while keeping in mind that cycles can be broken, it is still, enough to have faith and hope that a positive future will rise once more…

And one must never forget…in spite of the shadows that hinder mobility, we as a united people, exist in a time where creativity is at its most functional, where art, is the language we can use to break free the constraints of negative domains and insure against the rapid decline of the positive realm.

Stop on over to the NWCU and take part in, or simply bear witness to, this week's Wednesday Wake Up Call.  It deals with History. Our history, whether we choose to observe, to document, to paint, to pen, it matters not, as long as we open ourselves to a deeper understanding of what has and is currently taking place.  

With some well-placed quotes and an exercise in both History and Philosophy, this exercise has the makings for a truly unique breed of prompt.  I can't wait to examine all the creative possibilities that will certainly be expected from such a hotbed for creativity as is always found within the pages of the NWCU 


  1. refreshing post, fred. loved how you conveyed passing of time and life's wheel that always comes back around.


  2. YEs, it will be fascinating seeing what you come up with for this project. I see in your art here, the destruction of present day, whittling down to almost nothing and then rebirthing back , taking us full cycle. You coudl really see that by enlarging the image and going from one to the other to see it's changes--like animation.

    Yes, I's say for many, regardless of persuasion, there is this pall in the air here, a sense that something big, something destructive comes and we are on the verge of big changes. For me at least, I am definitely caught up with the thought that "our best days are ahead of us." No, in fact, I'd say, as far as my lifetime goes, they are only going to get bleaker. There are too many things boiling in the pot. Our hope has to be in something more eternal then.