Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Arena in the NEWS (For Creative Tuesdays)

The latest Creative Tuesday's challenge is upon us.  This time around the theme is truly NEWSworthy.  Such a theme as news, is so open to varieties of interpretation, I just can't wait to see all the responses that are brought together.

For my piece, I originally intended to draw an old style radio tower.  Before the advent of the internet and all the strands of modern media, we had television.  Yet, before television, there was radio.  One could easily go back further and further, eventually settling on scratches into cave walls.  But, as I was drawing the towers, I went blank, kind of in a zone, and the picture, and all it's lines morphed into something different.

It was here that I remembered a story.  While I can't recall the exact details, it told the tale of millions and millions of dollars were invested in the construction of a new stadium.  The taxpayers were on the hook for the vast majority of the funding.  They didn't have a professional sports team, yet felt they were in line.  In fact the inside information gave them belief, hope that they would be awarded with the bid.  So the town, in all their joy and happiness, decided to put their chances over the top, to construct this beautiful stadium, the best the world had ever seen.

Someplace midway through the process however, many negatives appeared.  First there was an overall, nationwide, depression of economy, which saw the materials needed to complete the project jump up in price dramatically.  Anytime a bid takes place, research is conducted, as to logistics, which include, to a major extent, the pricing of those things necessary for the project.  Well, with the economic blight that persisted, prices shot up dramatically, and the project ran out of money.

But the politicians were not afraid, as they had a great number of privatized backers that had indicated previously that they would help if the situation arose.  Many of these individuals, despite making the promises they had made, had to back out for the huge hits their companies and portfolios had taken.  But still, there were so many, the politicians were not afraid.  They knew that they would get the funding.

Everything changed however, when the professional sports leagues to which they were seeking bids, changed their tunes.  One decided that due to the economy, expansion was not a responsible endeavor.  Another decided to do the same.  The others decided to go with different cities.  So now, today, this city has this shell of what would've been the most impressive stadium ever.  It has since become a black eye upon the public, a reminder of how priorities can easily get diverted by the promise of fame and attention.

So, in a situation such as this, Who, who is to blame?


  1. Wow, what a story indeed! Adn with that, clever interpretation. Totally dig the black and white. What a good idea!! Thanks, Fred. :)

  2. This is such a story and probably not alone, as there must be other similar tales. Love the hard black and white depiction which sums the story up so well. Well done Fred!

  3. This was NEWS... I'd never heard about that story, and it was really interesting. You did it justice with the black and white. Really a good take on the subject. But then you always come up with good and thoughtful ideas.

    I guess you could call me "Quick and Easy"... haHa

  4. wow fantastic story to go with your painting...I should email this to my city mayor as history does tend to repeat itself, and we are having a similar issue about building a sports complex.

    Well done Fred!

  5. It reminded me of the building Kevin Bacon danced Footloose!

  6. Fred I was wondering if you had more details on that stadium story so I could locate the actual story. My city is really going through a similar crisis and I'd love to give them some input! My email is in case you are able to provide more details, thank you.