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NFL 2012 Game Predictions Week 10

I have to say, the weeks are flying by.  It just seems like I was writing up the Week 9 predictions, and here we are, already on the eve before Week 10's kickoff.  Last week, going 9-5, certainly was not my best week.  This brings the yearly record to 88-44.  I have to admit, the analysis this week won't be nearly as in depth as it has been each of the other weeks.  I've had very little time to devout watching last weeks games, nor spending much time doing research online.  I'm a bit nervous about picking like this, as up until now, I don't truly have a handle on the major injuries.  

I had considered to make the Thursday Game's prediction now, and then return on Saturday with the other games, but I looked at my planner and there's no way I'll have the time to fit the research in, so it really doesn't make any sense delaying the picks.  That said…

Week 10.

Thursday Night's Game

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Jags might be home but they'll continue to be without all-pro RB Maurice Jones-Drew.  Andrew Luck is already looking every bit the part Indianapolis hoped he'd one day become and is setting rookie passing records in the process.  Indy's defense is not very good, but they might look very good after playing Jacksonville's anemic offense.  Indianapolis 27-14

Sunday's Games

San Diego Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I'm still saying wow at Doug Martin's game.  It's definitely a game I'll be watching sometime, even if it's during next week.  The stat line was crazy and while running games to some aren't the most fun to watch, I really enjoy watching one that is executed to it's fullest potential.  That said, SD's run defense is near the top of the league in that department and they finally had a really nice all around performance this past weekend.  On the road at the Big Sombrero, especially with how the Buc's have been playing lately, tempts me to take TB, yet, I'm feeling the Chargers in this one.  Just a hunch, nothing more. SD 28-25

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins

Titans were manhandled in Chicago last week while Miami lost a close one to Indianapolis.  Conventional logic should dictate that Miami would be the team to take here, and it does look promising.  However, I read that Jake Locker, right now, looks to be ready to start for Tennessee this week.  He's a different type of QB from Hasselback, and presents defenses with so much more to prepare for.  I think getting him back will spark the Titans.  I look for a really nice passing game, which, despite Miami's defensive success this year, team's have been able to do, and nice games out of Locker, Washington and one other player, perhaps Britt or Wright.  For the Dolphins, I think they'll do well offensively as well.  Tennessee's defense is attrocious and while Miami is not a high scoring team at any angle, points will be had.  Yet, that said, I think getting Locker back will have a psychological lift and instead of giving up 38 points, perhaps they only give up 30 to the Dolphins.  Titans by 5.  35-30

New York Giants @ Cincinnati Bengals

I think the Giants bounce back nicely and get the win.  Wish I had more to talk about, but the one thing I can say is that this should be a fun game to watch.  Should be a lot of passing stats for both teams.  31-28 NYG

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

This is just stupid, but I'm taking the Saints.  And I'm doing it for apparently no valid rationale.  I think Atlanta is due for a loss and I the Saints defense actually had a pretty decent game last week.  Granted it was against Vick and that pathetic excuse for an offensive line, but nevertheless, they looked good.  Brees is great and Graham is back.  Close, but just a gut feeling.  NO 36-33

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Philly's freefall continues.  Dallas is not impressive, but somehow will pull this game out.  This has the makings of one of those games where neither team will look as if they want to win, in fact, I can see several turnovers late and at the end one team will stand victorious.  I'll go with Dallas.  24-21

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Bills didn't get blown out against Houston, but really, despite the score, never seemed like they really were going to get it done.  NE will most likely have their way with my Bills yet again.  It is sad to, to think how excited Bills fans were before the start to the year, and how we had high hopes for this season, and now, we are really close to that yearly game of guessing draft positioning.  Pats 42-20

Oakland Raiders @ Baltimore Ravens

Oakland should be able to move the ball.  This Ravens defense is not the same as it has been.  But Baltimore's the better team and most often the better team wins.  I'll lean the Raven's way here.  27-21

Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers

Cam had a good week last week as they pulled off a nice win.  Denver is really looking good though and I think they'll be the better team in Charlotte on Sunday.  Denver 26-18

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

It's weird.  Detroit had their full team together the first part of the year and were pathetic to watch.  Last week Calvin was iffy and went off, Broyles and Young also have been pretty nice compliments.  Stafford is playing great the past couple and the game from LeShoure last week was very good, only outshined by Doug Martins Game.  Viking hype train has slowed down something fierce as of late.  Detroit 38-24

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks

Jets look bad.  Seattle's nearly invincible at home.  31-9 Seahawks, scoring from each phase of the game.  Pick 6, Punt Ret Td, Rushing TD and Receiving TD, with a FG to boot.

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

I'll take SF here, but preface it with surprising close.  The reason is that Bradford gets his favorite target back this week in Danny Amendola, they were on record pace for catches before he got hurt a month or so ago.  They should pick right up where they left off.  But SF is too strong to lose at home.  5 FGs and 2 TD's for niners in this one 29-20

Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears

Should be a good game.  Two 7-1 teams facing off. Two good defenses. Two effective offenses.  Should be quite the strategic game.  I will take Houston, just because of JJ Watt and Arian Foster, who are the best Offensive and Defensive players in the game in my opinion for either team. 24-23 Houston.  Easily could see it going the other way though.

Monday Night Game

Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Cassel starts again this week.  Just FYI.  Pittsburgh looks as if they'll have all 3 of their RB's to pick from this week, but no Antonio Brown for Big Ben.  KC is a pushover by pushover standards and this should be an easy win for the Steelers.  Pittsburgh 33-7

Enjoy the games, see you next week for Week 11

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