Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 NFL Week 12 Game Predictions

Great weekend of predictions last weekend.  Went 12-2 which brings the record to 110-50 for the season.  Very pleased with how things look through 11 weeks, now just have to carry this momentum through for the next 6 weeks.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Hope everyone has a great thursday.  Watch that overeating though, might make you miss some football, as there are 3 games again this year.

Thanksgiving Games

Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions

Houston had a real scare last week against the pathetic Jaguars, but won it in overtime.  Detroit lost to GB and because of his antics, the team is suspending WR Titus Young for this weeks game, giving ex-Jag Thomas the start across CJ.  I think this will be a decent game, at least that's what I'm hoping for.  Kind of like both of these teams and hoping the Stafford will be on his game, because I am sure Arian Foster is chomping at the bit to get back in there, as he had his worst pro game last week.  Houston steals the Turkey.  35-24

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys

RGII on national TV.  Can't wait to watch this one.  However, I do think Dallas is the better team and despite barely beating Cleveland last week, I think Dallas wins in a close one 20-16

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

No Gronkowski, perhaps no Hernandez.  Oh, I'm not even going there, they still have Brady and the Jets are pretty bad.  Could I see NY pulling off the upset, sure, why not, but I don't think it'll be close.  NE 30-13

Sunday Games

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Extra week of rest for Locker and the Titans to prepare for perhaps the worst team in football.  I say perhaps because they are starting Chad Henne, don't laugh.  He had a great game against a very good Texans defense last week and gets the nod again this week.  I do think Tennessee will be too much for the Jags but if they can score, we might have a very entertaining game to watch.  Tennessee 28-24

Buffalo Bills @ Indianapolis Colts

Last weeks hunch on my Bills paid off. Guess what?  I have another one.  They'll pull another one this week.  Luck will have a great game against us, but I think we'll be able to keep pace and I like our defense right now better than their defense.  Buffalo 35-31

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

Cleveland's not very good, but they've lost some close ones this year.  Pittsburgh is dying at QB, WR and RB.  Well, maybe RB is settled a bit, but still a terrible timeshare there.  Plax Burress just got resigned to help the WR's out.  Charlie Batch will get the start at QB. Too much uncertainty, even if they are the Steelers.  Cleveland 17-13

Oakland Raiders @ Cincinnati Bengals

Could be a high scoring game.  But for me, it comes down to Cincinnati having the better defense.  Both offenses should do fine, but Dalton to Green should do very well again this week. Bengals 31-20

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

KC stinks.  Denver will get over the McGahee injury.  Denver 35-10

Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins

Seattle's not the greatest road team.  A month ago I would've taken the Dolphins, but they're sliding and the Hawks are still pretty good, even away from home.  Seattle 20-17

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa has been on fire and I think they can keep it going this week.  At home is the key for me.  Should be a fun game to watch.  Ryan's throwing too many picks the past few weeks and Tampas' been great offensively.  I'll take TB 28-27

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

I have to make my first if then pick of the year.  There's just no way around this one.  If Cutler plays for Chicago I'm taking the Bears to win 28-17, but if he doesn't, I'm taking the Vikings 20-10

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers

Baltimore has been iffy at times this year.  SD is the model of iffiness.  I have a gut feeling they'll pull it out at home though.  SD 28-23

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Probably the worst game of the Week, well, up there with the Carolina-Philly game.  Ryan Lindlay, no?  I'll go with Sam Bradford at his defense over Lindlay and his.  And for you "but Beanie Wells is back" people, I don't think he'll give them much.  STL- 14-9

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints

I don't care who plays for SF at QB.  Drew Brees will have trouble going at this defense, despite not being nearly as good of a unit as they were last year.  I like the 49er's because while their defense isn't as great as they were last year, they're still very, very good.  Combine that with the knowledge that either QB is playing better than Smith played last year outranks Drew Brees and his offense which is burdened by the terrible Saints defense.  SF 31-24

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

I think this will be a fun game.  Should be high scoring with two great QB's.  I want to take the Giants, as something tells me they'll pull this out, but I'll go against my gut feeling here and take the Pack on the road.  GB 37-33

Monday Night Game

Carolina Panthers @ Philadelphia Eagles

This could be brutal to watch.  I have no idea who to pick.  I thought Phiilly would do well against the Redskins defense and they didn't, not at all.  I like what Carolina did against TB in an OT loss.  Yet who knows what Cam Newton will show up.  I really don't know, but I'll gamble on a middle ground Cam Newton to suit up.  CAR 13-9

Again, hope everyone enjoys the holiday with their families and an enjoyable week of football.  See you in Week 13


  1. Generally, the Cowboys just seem to have the Redskins' number. We'll see though!

    1. yeah, I agree. I didn't go back historically to see what the teams records against each other are, but I've thought the same thing, does seem like they get the bounce in these games. Should be a good game, not a huge fan of either team, so in such cases, I pull for high scoring close games. RGIII is the reason I try to catch Skins games though, probably like a lot o people. Still think Dallas will pull this one out.

  2. terrible week. Need the monday night game or else it's 8-8 for the week, my lowest of the year.