Friday, November 16, 2012

Neon Haze (Surround/Expand)

I covet thee my sweetest princess
Your locks endow this memory
with the most brilliant of salvations

The haze of your embodiment
shades me in rapture

The euphoria in your ether
expands the individuation of history
into a neon gaze that's harboring our direction

Instinctively your enigma
hovers free, caressing the
incandescence of my dreams

Emotions feast upon
the tendrils of imagination
swaying each atomic particle
into unities never yet explored

An aromatic magnificence,
swirls about your midnight's grace
transcending Jupiter's ghost,
with the phantasms swarming thin

Tingling are the bitten sparks
of those porous remembrances
born within

Your most precious of whispers
replenish all vitalities stolen
by maelstrom's approaching tide

You sacrifice everything,
You robe these shoulders
and foster identities unto those unknown

With the most illustrious
devotions man has never seen,
you comfort me, sating me fully

Take hold me here and please promise
never to secede from the chambers
of my all too often vacancy

I covet thee my sweetest princess
more than mortal men could ever know