Monday, November 26, 2012

Starry Night (For Creative Tuesdays)

Another Creative Tuesday is upon us, and for this week, MR. T proposed the theme of Starry Night.  Definitely, if anyone reading here hasn't already done so, please stop by to Creative Tuesday. You'll find some incredibly talented artists, each offering unique views and styles.

For me, CT is an opportunity to fine tune the work I do.  Normally I sit down, splatter a bunch of paint on the canvas and go crazy with the knife until something emerges.  While I love working  abstractly, what CT provides for me, is an opportunity to sit down with a theme in hand.  Here I can hone my process accordingly. Not to mention being able to see how the others approached the same theme.

Anyhow, stop by, you'll love it.

So, back to the current week.  The theme, as mentioned earlier, is Starry Night.  I have to admit, I didn't really know what I would do at first.  The famous painting came to mind, but I didn't really know where I would go with that.  Then, I saw this commercial, through the Tivo, as I don't actually watch commercials anymore, and there was this kid with a telescope. This was the impetus for this piece.

I envisioned a hill at midnight as a meteor fell to earth.  Then, I had to work in the Stars, as this theme is Starry Night not Meteor Night. So, I added the tiny stars and the telescope, which I actually forgot at first.

Then another spark formed.  I was tidying it up just as my sister came over with my nieces. Suddenly I saw these tiny stars as children out at play.  The idea of the parents came next and the brief poem followed.

Normally I wouldn't lay out the exact process of a piece. I do talk about them, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, but I don't like to ruin the interpretative process, so I cut it short somewhat. With this one being straight forward though, I thought I'd actually lay it all out there.


  1. Fred, part of the fun of your work is your great explanations that make it so up close and personal!

    I love the process you share, and even the visit by your family.. That is really sweet.

    Good job for a Starry Night!

  2. This is a fabulous interpretation Fred! I love the touch of the meteor.

  3. Hah, I like what you say about not ruining the interpretation process. In this case, I actually appreciated the background as although, yes, stars, I wasn't sure what you were saying with the the way it was laid out. I so get the parents and little stars out to play now. Fun. Thank you Fred and for giving us a glimpse into your creative process here.

  4. Wonderful Fred! I love your interpretation with the two bright stars, looking over the little ones. Super analogy.

  5. What a wonderful piece, love the accompanying poem too. Great work!

  6. cool piece! love the texture which becomes apparent when you do the close up. My brother had a telescope :D

  7. I love that you talk about your paintings and the fun! Love the telescope! We've been talking about getting one...I think that would be so cool! Nice piece, Fred...I always enjoy seeing what you come up with!