Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animalistic Distortion-Merger

Wanted to do a painting that could be viewed in a few different ways.  Not sure I really accomplished the task or not.  I can easily find the 3 animals that are contained here, but then again i'm the one that did the piece, so tell me if you can find the 3.


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  2. I generally avoid pareidolia when I look at abstract or nonrepresentational work so I am not going to try to guess the animals. However, I'm commenting because I really responded to this piece: the composition that occupies almost the entire area of the substrate; the iterations of lines/shapes; the color combinations.

  3. Thanks Anna, glad you enjoyed this piece. I here ya on the not looking in at things. Really glad you responded here. It really started off as a simple doodling session, which I guess most of my pieces start out that way, and then something will push me into one direction or another and I'll keep working on something here and there till I feel it's right. Glad you like the color combinations- I love color and the way it reacts with other colors/hues. Thanks really appreciate the feedback, means a lot.:)