Saturday, November 5, 2011

NFL Week 9 Game Predictions

After going 8-5 last week my record for predicting this season is up 79-37.  The five losses last week were:

I picked the Saints, just like everyone in the world, outside St. Louis homers, but that's okay.  I'm actually glad for the Rams.  They put together about as solid of an outing as possible.

The Chiefs upset of the Chargers on MNF caught me a bit off-guard.  I didn't want to believe that SD was as bad as people were saying.  Wow, that fumble.

The Pittsburgh-NE and Carolina-Minnesota games I had a feeling would be tight.  I'm actually happy for both of these outcomes as well.

The Philadelphia rout over the Cowboys was a bit of a shock as well, not that they won, but how they owned that game.

Anyhow, on to Week 9:

Denver @ Oakland

Tebow was terrible against the Lions last week.  There were rumblings he may not start this week, but in the end he got the nod.  I'm a bit disappointed in his performance so far, as if there was any guy you'd want to see succeed it's Tim.  Unfortunately the Black Hole is not the place to get things right.  They're mad at the Shut-out, had two weeks to stew it over, and despite DMC not playing I still see a fairly easy win for Oakland here.  Oakland 24 Denver 10

New York Giants @ New England

I really hope Eli and big blue can take down the Pats this week but I just don't think they'll be up to the task.  Lots of bad vibes this week, and Bradshaw with that foot, just another.  NE 34 NYG 27

St. Louis @ Arizona

Who knows who the starting QB's will be in this one.  I guess it would be safer to pick the home team here.  But I have to go with St. Louis after that convincing win last week.  STL 9 Arizona 6

Green Bay @ San Diego

This could be the week GB loses their first one, but with Rivers playing poorly, their RB situation in limbo and lots of mental mistakes going around I just can't pull the trigger on that one.  Rodgers is rolling as are the Pack.  GB 30 SD 21

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

We are worlds away from that first meeting.  The teams have somewhat moved in opposite directions.  At home the terrible towel will be in full effect and I see Pittsburgh owning this game all day long.  Look for a few turnovers as well.  Pittsburgh 24 Baltimore 13

Chicago @ Philadelphia

This should be a fun game to watch.  Lots of stars to pay attention to here, Vick, McCoy, Maclin and D-Jax for the Eagles and Cutler, Forte and Peppers for the Bears.  I think Philly will pull this high scoring affair out seeing that they're home.  Philadelphia 37  Chicago 31

Cincinnati @ Tennessee

The Bengal defense is playing too well and the Titans are virtually one dimensional.  It's kind of ugly in Nashville right now.  Fans are calling for Ringer over CJ and rightfully so, but still, wow, that's the guy who was lights out for 2 years.  What happened? But I guess that's the big question.  This team would be terrible without Matt Hasselback and he'll be the reason this is a game.  Cincinnati 21 Tennessee 14

Cleveland @ Houston

I will be shocked if Houston doesn't dominate this game from start to finish.  Yes, no Andre Johnson for the 5th consecutive week but they move that offense around and can score on anyone.  I see Wade's defense doing the job against Colt and the Browns as well, no Hillis again either.  Houston 38 Cleveland 20

San Francisco @ Washington

Washington was embarrassed 23-0 in Toronto last week.  In fact it was the first time a Mike Shanahan coached team has been shut out.  He'll have them ready to play this week.  Unfortunately this SF team is just good enough on Offense and crazy good on defense.  I think this will be a low scoring game with the SF defense being the deciding factor in this one.  SF 17 Washington 13

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

New Orleans won't lose this week.  I do hope TB gets their act together though, which i think he will this week.  He played pretty well against them last time around and had the bye week to prepare.  NO was embarrassed last week and won't fall victim two weeks in a row.  The saints in a close one.  NO 30 TB 24

Miami @ Kansas City

Two different worlds right now.  KC, starting 0-3, is now 4-3.  There really isn't anything special about their game either.  Miami has given up leads in their last two games and are pretty demoralized at 0-8.  That all said I actually see some points scored here and I'm going with the longshot in this one.  Miami 20 KC 17

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

The Andrew Luck sweepstakes continue for Indianapolis and Atlanta seems to be coming around.  Atlanta 45 Indianapolis 20

Seattle @ Dallas

Motivation. Motivation.  Lots of that going around this week.  Dallas was humiliated on the national stage last week and will look to inflict some punishment this week.  I think they will.  Dallas 34 Seattle 14

NY Jets @ Buffalo

Huge game for both teams.  If Buffalo wins they'll have a 3 game lead on the Jets and the first H2H tie-breaker.  That said, the importance to the Jets is obvious.  I think a close game will be in store here with the home team squeaking away a win.  Buffalo 21 NYJ 20

Hope everyone enjoys a good weekend of football.

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