Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 10 Game Predictions

I only went 3-3 last week as a couple shocking developments cost me two wins.  My season record is now at 33-19-2.  The 3 games I lost:

Blood & Thunder pulled off a stunning upset against Repeal Obama.  RO's GM was fully at ease when Miles Austin went down after a couple of big catches.  But he wasn't counting on the John Skelton and Reggie Bush Factors.  B & T pulled off an 11 point upset, where Skelton gained an improbable 13 points and Bush got the unlikely total of 21 points to secure the underdog victory.

But that game didn't nearly match the magnitude of upset as the winless 7QB's deep 147 to 137 win against Mission:Repeat.  M:R had guys going off all over the place, but so did 7QB's.  Very shocking as the 7QB's only scored 43 points the week earlier.  Also there was the interesting development of a trade that was accepted between Repeal Obama and 7QB's on Friday Night.  7QB's shipped Rivers off to RO for Murray and Alex Smith.  The trade would've pulled a 3 point off for RO instead of the 11 point loss, and a 3 point win over M:R for 7QB's.  The interesting development was that, which I have on good information, that Rivers was informed of this trade just minutes before kickoff.  It's rumored that Rivers called the 7QB's owner personally during warmups, where he apologized for stinking the joint up all year, and vowed to put forth his best effort of the year.  That in fact he did.

Thug Life pulled off a late win over DreamKiller who has since been working the phones, trying to secure some keeper trades before tomorrow's deadline.

On to this weeks action, where there are some huge implications on the line here:

F Philly Vs. Iron Pigs

The Pigs season is virtually done with, after suffering some tough upsets early.  F Philly has reeled lately but they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, but need to win 3 of the next 4 to have a chance.  If they lose this week they'll need to win out.  I think the pigs put em down this week. Iron Pigs 118 F Philly 111

Manning Vs Food Vs. Dreamkiller

Depending on what DK's team looks like this week it could be a nailbiter for MVF.  MVF is in the same boat as F Philly, needing 3 of 4 to have a shot at the playoffs, but I see him pulling this one out.  MVF 122 DK 115

Repeal Obama Vs. Cinderella Story

Cinderella story needs a win or for all likely purposes they are toast as far as playoffs go.  They need to win out.  While RO is still sitting in pretty good shape I think they'd like to stop the bleeding after seeing an undefeated team drop 3 of 4 weeks.  They've made some serious moves to address their apparent weaknesses.  The previously mentioned Rivers trade offers huge upside potential as does the acquisition of Roddy White from 6 Wide.  White has been overshadowed by the emergence of Julio Jones but has elite potential in his DNA.  He paid the price to get him though, bailing on Shonn Greene to secure the elite Wideout.  I don't like Greene long term, but I think this deal helps both teams immensely.  RO needed another elite WR to accompany Megatron, while 6Wide needed a number one back.  While Greene is lacking when compared to other number 1 backs, he plays many of the rest of his games in the cold, which we all know is RB weather.
RO stops the bleeding in a mercy killing of Cinderella.  RO 110 Cinderella Story 98

6Wide Vs. Thug Life

Must win game for both teams.  While both probably only need 2 of 4 to secure a playoff spot, the winner here will have the upper hand at snaring one of the six seeds.  Should be a tough one, and a high scoring contest to boot.  6 Wide 126 Thug 119

Blood & Thunder Vs. 7 QB's Deep

I've picked against B & T and 7 QB's all year.  I guess I have to pick one here.  I'll go with the upset of all upsets. 7 QB's goes back to back with an unlikely Julio Jones/DeMarco Murray explosion.  B & T is a team that looked elite on paper early, but is only where they are at for hitting the right teams at the right times, making a great use of waiver wire pickups and yes, getting lucky from the TE, K and Defense positions throughout the year.  7 QB's 133 B & T 132

Clean Slate Vs. Mission Repeat

Game of the week.  This game matters in the same fashion as 6Wide Vs. Thug life.  But I can easily see the loser of this game as the odd man out of playoff contention, as they're matchups moving forward and opponents don't look all that favorable.  Unfortunately we have yet another tightly spun game that will hinge on two factors for each team. Will Clean Slate get a huge game out of the Fitzmagic to D Nelson connection, where Nelson will be playing, for the first time all year, in front of his girlfriend, who just happens to be a Dallas cheerleader.  Or does the Denver domination continue for M:R who is starting Tebow and McGahee both, not only with confidence, but expecting huge games from both of these guys.  I like the matchup against KC much better for M:R than I do the Dallas matchup for CS.  M:R 103 CS 101

Enjoy a great week of fantasy football.

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