Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NFL Week 12 Game Predictions

Well my picking has been pretty consistent the past few weeks, just barely making it over the .500 hump.  This past weekend I went a paltry 9-5, bringing my yearly record up to 106-54, two games under the .750 mark.  The 5 games I picked incorrectly last week were, well, for the most part pretty terrible.

I took Buffalo to win 31-30 and they got drubbed all over the joint 35-8.  I took the Giants to rout the Eagles 28-6 and Philadelphia wound up winning 17-10.  I had St. Louis winning a close one over Seattle, who wound up routing them 24-7.

The other two losses were somewhat toss ups in terms of the score.  I actually watched most of these games and am still shocked the Jets lost to the Broncos last Thursday night, but it just shows that Tebow only needs 5 minutes to get the W.  Go figure.

Also the Jags looked in control of their game most of the afternoon, but because they have a pretty terrible offense they keep the other team in the game each and every week.  Pretty sad, as they do have a really good defense overall.

On to week 12:

Thursday Games

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

The Packers are looking unbeatable.  Their HC has virtually admitted this week that they're looking for the perfect season.  Stafford looked bad the past couple outings and the game that looked like it would be a great one was starting to look bleak.  Well, enter week 11, where Green Bay was in another close one and Detroit came back to life, as QB Matt Stafford threw for 5 TDs and recently re-acquired Kevin Smith brought a running game to the motor city.  I see an upset here.  A good game with a Stafford-Johnson TD in the final minute winning it. Detroit 35 GB 34

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys

With Dallas you never know what you're going to get on any given week.  Two weeks ago they decimated the Bills in every fashion, last week they were taken to Overtime by the Redskins, a team that a few weeks back was shut out by that same Bills team.  Miami has strung 5 impressive games together, a streak that sees them on their current 3 game winning streak.  I think the streak ends tomorrow.  Dallas 31 Miami 20

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens

This is the hyped up Harbaugh Vs. Harbaugh game.  But both teams are pretty good and should be refreshing to see a decent game played on NFL network for once.  SF's defense is very strong, probably not a stretch to say league's best.  Baltimore has found their passing game in recent weeks.  I think the Ravens pull this one out at home.  A close one though.  Baltimore 20  SF 19

Sunday Games

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

I can't even go into details with this one.  The Bills look horrible again.  Go Bills, but I can't see this happening at all.  NYJ 28  Buffalo 10

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

Tough divisional match-up.  If AJ Green doesn't play it'll be closer, but I still think Cincinnati is the better team.  Cincinnati 23 Cleveland 16

Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons

Again, I can't see the Vikings winning here.  They've definitely been more competitive since Ponder's taken over the QB position, but without AP this week I don't see it happening in Atlanta.  Atlanta 24 Minnesota 14

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Tough divisional game for these two teams.  Jacksonville is pretty much out of this conversation but are still trying to play hard each week.  On the Houston side we see their star QB on IR today.  Matt Leinart gets the gig for the rest of the year and he also gets WR Andre Johnson back for this one.  While I don't think Leinart will light the world on fire, I do think he'll be good enough to continue what this team's been doing as of late, running extremely well and timely, efficient passing.  Houston 27 Jacksonville 14

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

This game went to overtime a few weeks ago, seeing Arizona getting the victory off of rookie CB Patrick Peterson's punt return TD.  I think St. Louis was the better team that day and think they'll be the better team this week as well.  Only difference being that they'll actually get the victory this time around.  St. Louis 15 Arizona 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans

No clue how to pick this game.  TB looks bad almost every week, yet they play great in their loss last week to undefeated GB.  Tennessee lost their QB last week, not sure if he'll play or not this week, but I'm just going to take a wild guess that TB will build off of their performance last week and get the win here.  TB 21 Tennessee 17

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts

This was the game many had circled for Indianapolis' first win of the year.  I don't see it that way.  Newton looked like a rookie against Detroit and they just got mauled by the Lions.  I think we see a stronger overall effort, as the Colts are that bad.  Carolina 28 Indianapolis 13

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks

Washington is another one of those erratic teams that you don't know what you'll get each week.  Seattle is not very good.  If this game was played in DC I'd pick the Skins, but it's not so I'm taking Seattle in a lopsided game, as the Seahawks are pretty good when playing at home.  Seattle 24 Washington 6

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders

The Bears have put together a nice streak of games together.  However, the Cutler loss is bad.  I think Hanie will be okay for them as they year continues, but Palmer is getting better each week in Oakland and they're at home.  Oakland 28 Chicago 21

New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

I really can't stand the Patriots.  But I really dislike Mike Vick.  In any case I want the Eagles to win but see the Pats winning rather easily here.  NE 35 Philadelphia 23

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

I think playing 5 minutes of football on a consistent basis catches up to a team, it has to right?  In any case I think the Chargers offense will force Denver to pass the ball, so we'll see.  I like the Chargers here at home.  San Diego 28 Denver 16


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Blowout Pittsburgh Style.  Pittsburgh 42 KC 3


New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

Finally a really good matchup for MNF.  I'm looking forward to this game as both offenses have shown that they can move the ball.  However both teams have shown their not immune from bouts of the fits.  I like the home Saints here in a shoot-out.  NO 38 NYG 31

So I hope everyone has a good week of watching football and also would like to wish all my readers A Happy Thanksgiving.

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