Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 11 Game Predictions and Week 10 Recap

Well some of the mess was sorted out last week, but there still is 3 weeks left to play and anything can happen.  Nothing is set at this point and 8 teams still have a realistic shot at making the playoffs and another team is mathematically still alive yet needs some help.  I went 4-2 on my picks last week. This brought my season record to 37-21-2.

The two games I lost last week:

The F Philly comeback was one for the ages.  Iron Pigs seemingly had this one in the bag, but then came the Jets Vs. Patriots game and all momentum shifted in favor of F Philly.  In the end F Philly kept themselves alive in the postseason hunt and effectively ended the Iron Pigs chances of seeing a playoff game.

Blood & Thunder keeps winning these games he has no business pulling off.  Yes, you could say "what to do expect, he played 7QB's Deep," but the 7 Qb's have been playing some good ball the past few weeks and lost a few games earlier in the year that they probably should have one.  While B & T did score 128 points, tied for the most this past week, he has his problems, with a underachieving receiving corps and some iffy QB play as of late.  The game was close 16 points separating the two teams heading into the Vikings-Packers game on MNF.  Late in the third quarter B & T's lead was down to 10 points and B & T Qb Christian Ponder dropped back to pass.  The rookie let the ball go and it hit GB legend Charles Woodson square in the gloves.  There wasn't anyone in his way the rest of the field.  It was a pick six.  An easy pick six.  Yet, just as Julio Jones hamstring prevented points scored for the 7QB's, Woodson dropped the ball here, literally.  That was a 10 point play.  Who knows what would have happened after that if that play had actually occurred.  Lucky, yes, really lucky, hell yes.

On to Week 11.

Blood & Thunder Vs. Clean Slate

The Slate team has dropped another game and saw his security cushion fall to the wayside.  He's now jumbled in the mass of teams fighting for playoff space.  Luckily for him B & T's best players are on bye this week.  If you take last weeks scoring, that's 45 points off the B & T scorecard.  Sure, some crazy play could happen.  Reggie Bush could go off again and newly acquired Damian Williams could have a big game, but B & T doesn't look to be in a winning scenario right now.  Clean Slate pulls away here.  Clean Slate 110 B & T 99

Repeal Obama Vs. Iron Pigs

Too many byes and other problems for the pigs here.  Not much analysis to do with this one.  RO 105 Pigs 75

7QB's Deep Vs. Cinderella Story

If Cinderella is ever going to find that slipper she lost, it will have to start this week.  I mentioned I would never pick 7 QB's again, well I guess I lied.  7 QB's impressed me with his recent play and should win this one out of karma alone.  7 QB's 114 Cinderella Story 94

Mission Repeat Vs. DreamKiller

No dreams being killed here.  Perhaps prolonging M:R's agony, as his team is wavering greatly.  M:R 109 DK 68

6Wide Vs. Manning Vs. Food

MVF needs to pull off another one to keep pace.  He is a deadly team, but without Bradshaw he's just another team.  He needs to bide his team, inch into the playoffs and hope Bradshaw is back in time for another run at this thing.  6Wide pulled off a blockbuster deal with DreamKiller and the results were felt instantly, as Tony Romo had a great game and Chris Johnson, with the change of scenery, looks back. I think this continues.  6Wide 107 MVF 105.  But, if MVF finds suitable replacements for his bye week holes, another story might be told.

Thuglife Vs. F Philly

Thug life needs a replacement for Big Ben.  If he finds someone I think he pulls this one off.  He'll actually have a good idea what he needs to do later tonight, as half the F Philly roster plays tonight.  I'm assuming Thuglife will make the necessary adjustments and pull this squeaker of a game out.  ThugLife 108 F Philly 105

See you for Week 12.

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