Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Game Predictions

Last week was not a great week for predicting.  I only went 3-3, bringing my season record up to 30-16-2.  The games I lost were:

Blood & Thunder controlling his game against Cinderella Story all day long.  In this win a flaw in Cinderella's game was evident.  Stop the Patriots stop Cinderella.  Simple as that.  

Mission:Repeat pulled off the upset here, ousting Repeal Obama in fairly convincing fashion.

And the low scoring contest, 82-73, that was 6 Wide's victory over Iron Pigs.

Lots on stake here in Week 9:

Dreamkiller Vs. Thug Life

DK is 1-0 since the name switch, and his players seemingly used that as a rallying cry, pulling off a win last week.  They look to continue this momentum, forcing DK's owner to make a tough call.  I contacted DK's owner for a comment, which he said, "If we pull this one out we'll be all in for the stretch, if not, so goes the firesale." Thug Life, the other team to change names, hasn't done so well since the switch.  Although some really good match-ups, I think DK has momentum on his side.  Upset special.  DK 114  Thug Life 107

Mission:Repeat Vs. 7 QB's Deep

Things were pretty ugly for 7 QB's Deep last week, posting an abysmally low score of 43 points.  To put this in perspective, Blood & Thunder had 1 player 2 weeks ago go for 42.  But that said I see this squad rebounding a bit this week.  And if M:R looks past 7 QB's then bad things could be in store for him.  I'm going to pick this game assuming he won't, and I'm on record saying I won't be picking 7 QB's again this year, after all, How could I?  M:R 90 7 QB's 86

Manning Vs. Food Vs. Clean Slate

Tough matchup to call.  Both teams can easily make their case and I guess we'll have to see what happens on Sunday.  If you're scratching your head thinking how can MVF, and his seemingly weekly high scores go down to the Clean Slate, well Ahmad Bradshaw and his 15-20 points won't be there as well as some other concerns this week.  That said I'm picking Clean Slate to win.  CS 97  MVF 93

F Philly Vs. 6 Wide

Big match-up for possible playoff positioning here.  F Philly does have his NYJ's filled roster playing a fantasy friendly Bills Defense, which most weeks would secure his team the prediction.  However, 6 Wide has some very nice match-ups as well.  I can see this game tilting back and forth all day long, and I'll go with 6 Wide and a flip of the coin.   
6 Wide 119  F Philly 111

Cinderella Story Vs. Iron Pigs

If the Pigs want to stay in this thing they have to win this week.  Cinderella Story is reeling and could easily lose this game, just as easily as they can win it.  Pigs owner, and big time Steelers fan, is hoping his Steelers can help him defeat the Cinderella Patriots.  Iron Pigs 97 Cinderella 95

Repeal Obama Vs. Blood & Thunder

This is the Marquis match-up of the week.  First place B & T Vs. 2nd Place Repeal Obama.  The margin between 1st and 2nd is 10 fantasy points scored.  Neither team has been playing up to their potential.  While RO was pure dominance the first 6 weeks, they've certainly lost some steam the past two weeks.  B & T has been getting lucky while putting up meager point totals.  Both teams have their issues and they've arrived here coming from opposite methods.  When looking the rosters over it was a no-brainer to pick RO, but now that DMC won't be playing, which is the exact type of thing that has propelled B & T to wins, it changes perspective.  Bye Weeks bite each team as well.  For RO Megatron is out.  For B & T, Stafford and MJD are out.  Lots of storylines here, but in the end RO is a team playing closer to potential than B & T is.  The only saving grace for B & T is the forced starts of John Skelton and Reggie Bush, snot-factor personified.  I'll go with the odds though.  Repeal Obama 110 Blood & Thunder 109

See you in Week 10.

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