Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFL Week 13 Game Predictions

With each week I continually am reminded how close the teams in the NFL are matched.  This makes picking accurately rather difficult.  I did go 11-5, including the exact score in the Viking-Falcon game last week which is pretty good about 80%, which of course improved my yearly pick record, advancing it to 117-59, which I thought brought me back up and over the .750 marker.  Yet I just realized that my math was off and I'm still a few good weeks away.  Anyhow, the five losses last week:

I was probably one of the only people insane enough to actually believe that Detroit would beat the undefeated Packers, but I made that call and the loss was all but sealed when Suh got himself ejected.

Arizona-St.Louis was one of those toss up, close type of games.  Really thought the Rams would pull it off, but Beanie Wells' 228 rushing performance and Pat Peterson's RTD sealed this one for the Cards.

Titans-Buccaneers game kind of hit me sideways.  I really thought Freeman would build off the game he had in GB the week before, but nope, didn't happen, instead Chris Johnson had his second quality game in 3 weeks.

Washington-Seattle, well I don't believe in the Skins and I thought Seattle was showing signs of life with Lynch running hard, and they had a strong Defense, or so I thought.

I have to hand it for 15, he's getting it done, and reminding me why I never missed a Gators game while he was under center.  Pretty surprised this Read Option Offense was able to outscore the Chargers.  I know they are having their issues, but Von Miller for DROY anyone?

Onto Week 13:

Thursday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles @ Seattle Seahawks

The Eagles will be without Mike Vick again this week as the short week didn't offer enough reps in practice.  So VY will take the reigns again and he did actually look decent and then really good at times last week.  Who knows what to think about Seattle.  I can see them shutting the doors on the Eagles in this one at home, but I also can see Philly running amok.  Eagles 30  Seahawks 20

Sunday Games

New York Jets @ Washington Redskins

I know the Jets pulled off a big win last week, but Sanchez was awful.  And I say this despite his 4 TD's.  He was the sole reason the Bills were even in a position to pull this one out.  That said I'm not buying into anything being sold from Washington these days, especially when it comes to their football squad.  Jets 21  Redskins 14

Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears

Palko or Orton vs. Hanie.  NOT a pretty offensive matchup, and that's being kind.  We know Chicago's defense has been pretty solid to elite all year and KC has also shown flashes of having a very good defense as well, most recently last week limiting the Steelers to 13 points.  So I look for the team with the best Defense to win here, and at the moment I think this belongs to Chicago. Bears 13 Chiefs 9

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills

If Sunday is anything like today there could be some snow for the game, which really helps the Titans here.  The Bills are decimated on both sides of the ball with Injuries.  Yet, that said, they played a pretty good Jets Defense last week and looked good doing their thing.  They've been strong in all but one of their home games this year, and despite a blackout looming locally I think they'll perform valiantly at home again.  Bills 31 Titans 28 on a last second or OT FG

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

The Miami feel good story came to an end in the last seconds of their Thanksgiving Day game against Dallas.  While I don't think Oakland is Dallas, I do think they are much better than those teams the Dolphins beat the several weeks prior to last Thursday.  Raiders 20 Dolphins 7

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This was a close game earlier in the year.  This was the game that Cincinnati came out on fire, a fire that would die down just as quickly when AJ Green went down on his TD catch.  Yet the game stayed pretty close.  Without Joseph at CB though I think Big Ben should attack the Bengal secondary and have a big game here, giving the Steelers another victory.  Steelers 24 Bengals 14

Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Texans

I want to pick the Texans here, as they've been playing inspired defense and dishing out an amazing running game each week.  These things should continue, but they always had a few plays each game where Schaub would sling the rock, moving the chains and adding that extra dimension.  They seemed confident last week when Matt Leinart got the gig but he went down too, so now, TJ Yates, a rookie, will take the reins.  I think this glaring weakness will be enough for the Texans to fall to the up-and-coming Falcons.  Falcons 24 Texans 21

Denver Broncos @ Minnesota Vikings

AP or no AP.  It doesn't seem to matter, seeing Denver has 15 lining up for them.  Denver wins another ugly yet effective one.  Broncos 23 Minnesota 17

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I think this will be a game that Tampa offers a heavy dose of LeGarrette Blount.  Hopefully they'll get some effective passing from Freeman.  Newton's been a bit down lately in his performance, but he's got all the talent in the world and an elite WR in Smith, so this one is really arguable in either case.  Buccaneers 28 Panthers 27

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

Only five more games Colts fans.  Patriots 42  Colts 13

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

I know Colt McCoy had a pretty good game last week but he really doesn't have any wideouts to speak of, and that is what you need to beat the Ravens.  Ravens 24 Browns 10

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

Will the Packers go undefeated?  That's the big question going around these days and rightfully so.  They look unbeatable and while the Giants haven't been playing quality ball since they took it to the Patriots in Foxboro, Eli Manning and Victor Cruz have shown they can put the points up each week.  GB's defense has been giving points up in large chunks as well.  So this game will be as simple as this, Can the giants keep up offensively with the packers.  I don't really see this as anything but fantasy.  Packers 42 Giants 34

Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals

Sure the Cards look to be getting Kevin Kolb back but I can't pick them.  Beanie won't run wild against the boys and I think the Romo-led passing attack will do just that against the terrible Arizona defense.  Cowboys 35  Cardinals 14

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

I can't see the rams doing it this week, not after they couldn't get it done twice against the Cards.  49ers 17 Rams 6


Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

Should be another fun game to watch.  Should see a lot of points scored here.  I just see the home field advantage to be the differences maker in this one.  Saints 45 Detroit 34


San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars just fired their coach.  They just sold their team, which seems to be staying put, and they just are horrible offensively.  They do have an above average defense and Rivers and company have struggled.  They did beat the Ravens though.  As much as I try I just can't picture MJD getting 50 carries here, which is what I think it'll take to win on MNF.  Chargers 27 Jaguars 20

Enjoy a great week of football.



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