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Fantasy Football League Week 12 Game Predictions

Week 11 solved a lot of questions and opened the door for a whole bunch more.  The final two weeks of the Fantasy regular season should be very interested as nine teams out of 12 are in this thing still.

I went 4-2 yet again last week, bringing my season record up to 41-14-2.

Going to do the post a bit different this week, so bear with me.

After Week 11 victories, Blood & Thunder, Repeal Obama and 6 Wide have clinched playoff berths.  Mission:Repeat is a virtual lock to make the playoffs, yet there is a scenario, albeit unlikely, where they fail to get their dancing card.

So we have four teams, for the most part, in already.  This leaves two spots up for grabs.  Thug Life looks like they'll make it in based on opponents and match-ups, but that said, things will get really dicy for them if they fail to produce a W this weekend.  But I'm going to include them as the fifth team, which leaves but 1 space open.

F Philly, Manning Vs Food, Cinderella Story and the current 6th seed, Clean Slate are all fighting for the final playoff slot.  And It will come down to Week 13 to settle all the dust here.

A brief rundown of events to come:

Blood & Thunder needs 1 win, either this week against DreamKiller or next week against 6 Wide to secure a first round bye.  He'll secure the first place seed by winning both, or winning one and a Repeal Obama loss.  If both teams finish with the same record it will come down to points scored, which currently are separated by I believe 12 points.

Repeal Obama doesn't clinch a bye with a win this week, but will make big strides towards that goal with a victory over 7 QB's Deep.  If he wins and 6 Wide loses he locks up the 1st round bye.  If not it'll come down to his week 13 match against Clean Slate.  He'll be watching the scoreboard as well, to see the B & T-6 Wide score, as any  6Wide loss in this scenario also locks him the 2 seed at least.  His possibility for the 1 seed was listed above.

6 Wide is in an odd situation having a tie in his record.  This tie can help him, which it already has, in regards to the playoff clinching, but it can work against him as he tries to move to a higher seed.  There are a few scenarios available to him, but to get into the first seed he needs 2 B & T losses because of that tie.  He can move into the second seed with two wins and two losses by Repeal Obama, or two wins and one loss by Repeal Obama, where points will then be the deciding factor, but he's currently more than 100 points behind in that respect.  Of course a couple of losses could push him down as well in the playoff seeding.  He plays Mission:Repeat this week and Blood & Thunder in Week 13.

Mission: Repeat is in with a win, on the virtue of the teams he would be battling for the playoff spot would be playing each other, thus knocking each other down.  If he wins this week, Yahoo may not recognize the clinching but he'll be in.  If he loses both games though things get dicy.  As he'll be looking at the scoreboard and hoping MVF or F Philly aren't the teams he's vying for a spot with as points could get interesting in such a case.  He plays 6 Wide this week which is a tough one for him and he finishes the season off against F Philly in Week 13.

Thug Life will get oh, so closer to locking up a spot with a win over Iron Pigs this week.  If needed he has the tough match-up against MVF in week 13.  As you can tell from these past few entries a lot will sort itself out over the next two weeks as teams fighting for playoff positioning are battling each other this year.  If Thug Life falls both weeks he'll probably be out, yet that's there's still a scenario for a berth if that happens, as if he finishes tied with Clean Slate, and the lowly points total they tote around, he'd win out in virtue of points.  But all this can be null if he takes care of business against the Iron Pigs this week.

Clean Slate, despite his current spot in 6th place, can't lose another game this year.  This is due to the teams around him and their match-ups, combined with the low point total his team has put up so far.  He's scored 1077 points while most teams are in the mid 1200's, meaning he'd have to outscore those teams by 250 points this week or next week, that is if he only won one of the next two weeks, and we know that scenario is next to impossible.  This all said though, if he wins his last two weeks, he'll be in.  It's really in his own hands.  But one loss and he's done.  He plays Cinderella Story this week and then Repeal Obama in Week 13, so his prospects don't look good.  The only thing that might save him, is a but on the collusion side, but it's still worth mentioning.  If RO locks up his bye this week, he could, and extremely unlikely for him to do this, he could punt week 13 if Clean Slate wins this week and is in the win and in scenario next week.  Will be interesting, but the fate is in Clean Slates hand.  And did I mention that he'll be without AP this week, and the Bills play the Jets.

Manning Vs. Food is in the 7th seed right now.  Barely outside looking in.  He plays F Philly this week, where the loser is out and the winner is still in contention.  MVF plays Thug Life next week so his future is clearly in his own hands.  Win both weeks and he's in.  Lose once and he's out.

F Philly is in the same boat as MVF. He must beat MVF this week and then beat Mission:Repeat next week.  One loss and they're done due to the various match-up scenarios involved here.  Although, if tied with Clean Slate for 6th seed, he'd get the nod because of points.

Cinderella Story is in 9th place right now.  It's truly remarkable that there is a scenario he makes the playoffs, as he's been starting McNabb each and every week and McNabb hasn't played in over a month.  Last week he picked up P. Manning, who probably won't play this year, when there were, albeit terrible options, starters available to pick up.  Instead he pulled this win off and is in position to at least have a shot to make the playoffs.  Obviously a loss in either week is a killshot.  He needs to beat Clean Slate this week and then Dream Killer next week.  Then he has to hope Clean Slate beats Repeal Obama in week 13 and that Thug Life loses both weeks with F Philly beating MVF this week and M:R beating F Philly in week 13.  If this perfect storm takes place, well then a Cinderella story this indeed would be.

Iron Pigs, Dreamkiller and 7 QB's Deep are obviously solely in the spoiler role right now, as each team has been eliminated for a few weeks now.

How I think this week will pan out.

Blood & Thunder Vs. Dreamkiller

I don't like B & T's team, yet they seem to win in outlandish mannerisms.  AP going down, S-Jax held to 3 pts, The Bills players Clean Slate had scoring 1 point for 3 players.  Really?  Anyhow I can't pick B & T, just can't.  DK gets his revenge.  119- 114

Repeal Obama Vs. 7 Qb's Deep

7 QB's have been competitive the past 4-5 weeks and should be again, yet RO should still this one out.  But, if Jordy Nelson and Megatron come up low tomorrow, we could have an interesting Sunday to watch. RO 122 7QB's 111

6 Wide Vs. M:R

Have to go six wide 118-117.  But, if Shonn Greene fails against the bills I can see it going to M:R.  I have Greene rocking out a cool 20 points against Buffalo this week

Clean Slate Vs. Cinderella Story

Too many injuries and guys on teams playing poorly will effectively end Clean Slates playoff aspirations and keep Cinderellas open a bit longer. Cinderella 1 105- Clean Slate 88

F Philly Vs. Manning Vs. Food

This is the match to watch this week.  Winner is in business as I see it.  any other week I'd take MVF 99 out of 100 times, but the perfect scenario befell F Philly.  He has half a roster full of Jets, that's a losing philosophy in and of itself....but not when they happen to be playing the Bills.  F Philly 120 MVF 115

Thug Life Vs. Iron Pigs

No cutler for Iron Pigs hurts their chances.  I can't see Thug Life losing here.  101-80

So you can figure out how things fit in to the above listed playoff scenarios.  Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the food and the games.

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